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TechnikNews Weekly #129: Surface Duo, Xiaomi Mi TV Lux, F-Secure IDProtection competition and more

TechnikNews Weekly 129
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2020 TechnikNews)

You noticed it this week - because of the nice weather we got off too TechnikNews neglecting the writing of articles. Nevertheless, ours leave you TechnikNews Weekly always on Sundays - with the most important articles from the world of technology.

Even if we had fewer articles here on the blog this week, we are completing this one TechnikNews Weekly with other important articles. Namely those that we haven't written about, but are still exciting. For example details about Surface Duo, that Fortnite flew from the App Store and Play Store, Xiaomi presented a transparent TV and you on TechnikNews Annual licenses of F-Secure's IDProtection can win.

IDProtection by F-Secure competition & test

This week, Nils has from TechnikNews the app "IDProtection" from F-Secure tested for you. This is a password manager and password guardian angel in one: On the one hand, you can have passwords generated, and on the other hand, the app monitors your own email address for data theft or password leaks. In cooperation with F-Secure we are giving away two annual licenses from F-Secure. Click into the article and retweet our post on Twitter:

Surface Duo starts in early September

On Tuesday, Microsoft got the cat long announced Surface Duo as expected let out of the bag. The hinge phablet will initially only be released in the United States on September 10, 2020 at a price of $ 1.399. There are still no dates or prices in euros for the European market.

In an introduction video on YouTube, Microsoft shows the new phablet in a short tour. Unfortunately, there is almost no technical data yet, except for a display size of 8,1 inches together and 5,6 inches individually. The AMOLED displays have a resolution of 1.800 x 1.350 pixels and come with a 360 degree hinge in the middle. Under the hood is a Snapdragon 855, this comes without 5G support.

The camera will also have a resolution of 11 megapixels and the operating system will be Android instead of Windows 10. It is unclear whether you will also find Windows as an OS on it in the future.

A transparent television - the Xiaomi Mi TV Lux

Toys or really useful? Everyone has to know that for themselves with the Xiaomi Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition. The price is the equivalent of just under 6.100 euros - there is a TV with 55 inches diagonal and a housing thickness of 5,6 millimeters. If you switch off the television, only the edges can be seen, the screen is completely transparent. Still, it sounds more like an exhibitor model to me than how practical it is in your own living room. Most of them have the TV standing or hanging on the wall anyway - and the transparent effect is already pointless.

The TV comes with 120 Hz, curiously enough, there are no resolution details. So it almost seems as if the television only supports Full HD, since 4K is usually clearly advertised, but the former is not.

Fortnite is flying out of the app stores

One topic also made headlines this week: Epic Games with Fortnite. The game was dropped from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store this week. This means that users can no longer obtain the game from the official Android and iOS stores. The reason for this is the announcement by Epic to integrate another payment method in the mobile game. In the future, users should also be able to pay via PayPal – but this speaks against the guidelines of Apple and Google. The in-app purchases must be used, in which the two companies each exchange 30 Procent of the turnover.

Epic Games now has an exciting campaign under the name "free fortnite“, Which calls on users to critically question the behavior of Apple and Google and to draw attention to it with the hashtag #FreeFortnite.

Setapp now also operates the iPhone and iPad

You can think of Setapp like a Netflix for apps. You pay for Setapp and in return you have free access to numerous apps from various developers. So far, the app was only available for macOS, now Setapp is also moving into iOS and iPadOS. However, there is a catch - you have to pay extra to get access to the apps for iPhone and iPad. David from TechnikNews has listed all costs:

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David has already written 890 articles and left 372 comments.

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