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TechnikNews Weekly #179: Motorola Edge 20 Series, OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro testing and more

TechnikNews Weekly # 179
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

Welcome to August 2021, at the same time there is the new one here TechnikNews Weekly of issue 179. As every Sunday, we list the three most-clicked news articles of the past week.

Even if we still feel like we're stuck in the summer slump, this week has a lot to read TechnikNews given. So we have published six new test reports and typed some new news for you. Of all the articles, our exclusive article on the Motorola Edge 20 series, the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro Test most interested.

Motorola Edge 20 series: TechnikNews in advance with exclusive information

Motorola let the Motorola Edge 20 series out of the bag last week. As in the past Exclusive items on TechnikNews the details have also been fully confirmed here. There is now the Motorola Edge 20, Edge 20 Lite and Edge 20 Pro. In terms of price, we start at 349 euros for the Lite model and increase to almost 700 euros for the Pro-Variant. In our article there are all the details about the specs:

OnePlus 9 tested: some room for improvement

Last week, colleague Fabian published two reviews of the latest OnePlus smartphones. These have been with him in everyday life for a long time - now it is time for a conclusion. The OnePlus 9 is currently a great smartphone for 600 euros, and the manufacturer has eliminated some of the 8T's weaknesses. The cameras are finally on a very good level, it can be charged wirelessly and otherwise offers a strong overall package without major weaknesses. There is only a little room for improvement in terms of battery life, zoom and feel. Wouldn't the competition still lurk, which even comes from your own company:

OnePlus 9 Pro im TechnikNews-Test: The successful overall package

In addition to the OnePlus 9, there is also the Provariant, which raises the OnePlus 9 to an even higher league in some respects. In addition to a higher resolution, the OnePlus 9 Pro with a larger display and still offers an optical zoom due to the quad instead of triple camera in the OnePlus 9. Basically that is Promodel is a successful further development of its predecessor with improved cameras, a perfected display and even faster loading speeds. But there is one weakness:

TechnikNews Weekly: More articles from the last week

You haven't had enough of news, tests and advice from the world of technology? Neither do we - the summer slump isn't really there anymore. However, we still have some news in store:

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