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TechnikNews Weekly #239: Microsoft Surface Pro 9, new Sonos Era speakers, JBL Bar 800 and more

TechnikNews Weekly 239
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2023 TechnikNews)

Last week we were at TechnikNews very active again. We summarize everything we have written in this one TechnikNews Weekly for you together.

Appeared this week on TechnikNews 2 reviews and 4 news articles. Hereinafter TechnikNews Weekly we summarize the most important information of all articles for you in order to give you an overview of them.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 review

Last November, Microsoft introduced the Surface along with the Surface Laptop 5 and the Surface Studio 2+ Pro 9 before. In the past 6 weeks, we had the chance to test this extensively for you. My verdict on this was mostly positive, since it has no other major weaknesses apart from the heat development. It offers a great display, has a lot of performance and looks good. what that Pro 9 can still do everything, you can read in my test report:

Sonos Era 100 & Era 300 introduced

Last Wednesday, Sonos introduced the next generation of their speakers. The Era 100 is the successor to the popular Sonos One, while the Era 300 is a never-before-seen model. The two new speakers will appear on March 28th. My colleague has everything that has happened with the new loudspeakers David Haydl found out for you:

Apple Music Classicals announced

Last week Apple also made an exciting announcement. They're releasing their new music app, Apple Music Classics, on March 28th. This app will complement the existing Apple Music app and will include over 5 million classic songs at launch. Apple Music Classicals is free to use for all people who are already Apple Music subscribers. Here you can read the test report from David Haydl read:

eety, HoT & Lidl Connect activate VoLTE and VoWIFI

There is good news for all eety, HoT & Lidl Connect users. Due to the phasing out of the old 3G network, these network operators are now activating VoLTE and VoWIFI. These are technologies to provide better call quality. You can find out exactly what VoLTE and VoWIFI are and how you can activate these technologies on your devices in the article by my colleague David Wurm read:

JBL Bar 800 under test

At the end of last year, JBL introduced the latest models of their soundbars. This also includes the JBL Bar 800, which we have been able to test for you over the last few months. In the conclusion to this I wrote that I can recommend it almost unconditionally because the overall package is just right here. You can read what I liked about the Bar 800 and what it can do in my detailed test report:

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Jonas Wilhelm

Jonas lives near Ingolstadt and has been with us for over a year TechnikNews. He regularly writes test reports and news for the site. In his free time, he likes to find out about the latest technology when he's not listening to music too loudly or watching series. He also often meets up with his friends and enjoys cooking.

Jonas has already written 30 articles and left 1 comments.

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