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TechnikNews Weekly #253: Dacia Spring Electric 45 review, future of gaming and more

TechnikNews Weekly 253
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2023 TechnikNews)

The first week of August is coming to an end and this week didn't stop there TechnikNews not too much to report. However, we have picked out the best articles for you in the new Weekly issue.

In the new one TechnikNews Weekly issue in the 253rd edition we have, among other things, the new test report on an electric car from the car manufacturer Dacia. A new column on the future of gaming has also been published. see more!

E-car in test: Spring Electric 45 from Dacia

Also this week we have a new test report on an e-car: Our editor Alexander tested the Spring Electric 45 from Dacia for you. He describes the car as a "city car with a go-kart feeling". The automaker added electromobility to its portfolio for the first time in 2021.

You are for an e-car, which is small but nice? Then it’s best to read the test article: Dacia Spring Electric 45 review: city car with go-kart feeling

Gaming in the future: We can look forward to that

Our editor Tanya has written a new column for you. This time it's all about trends and innovations to look forward to in the future. These will probably also be presented at Gamescom 2023, where we will of course also be represented and you can look forward to fresh news during these days. Among other things, the column lists multi-platform titles, so-called crossplay, cloud gaming as well as e-sports and games for on the go.

Are you interested in gaming and would you like to learn more about the future of the gaming world? Then we can recommend this column to you: The future of gaming: trends and innovations to look forward to

TechnikNews Weekly: More articles this week

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Tobias Kirchel

Tobias is up TechnikNews represented as editor and editor. He checks the published articles for errors and corrects them if necessary. He is also employed as an editor. Tobias is interested in technical aspects such as smartphones, information technology and games.

Tobias has already written 34 articles and left 3 comments.

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