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WhatsApp: Multi-device functions now available for iOS and Android

Image: WhatsApp
(Post picture: © 2018 WhatsApp)

WhatsApp is known to work been on it for a long timethat the service can be used independently on multiple devices in the future. The setting now applies to Android and iOS.

WhatsApp Web for chatting on a PC or Mac has been around for a few years, but its use is quite limited. For example, the smartphone always had to be connected to the Internet in order for new messages to reach its own end and the other end. In addition, it was never possible to connect multiple devices to one account.

Several weeks ago it came to light that after the introduction of the new functionalities you can initially only connect a smartphone, a desktop, a web browser and the Facebook portal to your account. It is not necessary for the smartphone to have internet reception.

WhatsApp: Use multiple devices from now on

From now on it is possible to test these innovations yourselfprobeer For a few days now, the associated setting for activating these can be found in the chat service's app. To do this, go to the settings and select "Linked devices". Then join the beta via the "Multi-device beta" item. Other devices can now be imported.

However, there are also some restrictions. So you are limited to just one smartphone and users of older WhatsApp versions can no longer be contacted. Also, conversations on a connected device cannot be deleted.

WhatsApp: soon also on tablets

In the course of this it should also be mentioned again that WhatsApp will soon come to tablets. At first you will be able to add an iPad, while a little later tablets with Android will also be part of the game. It is not known exactly when this will happen. At the moment you only get the beta for the iPad if you are also registered for the previous iOS version. We will keep you informed about this.


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