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No network with Magenta: Current problems with the Austrian mobile operator

Magenta Austria
Image: Magenta
(Post image: © 2020 Magenta)

There is currently interference in Magenta's cellular network. Several thousands of Austrians currently have no network with Magenta. There is no information about the disruption yet.

Again and again it happens that mobile operators Proproblems with the network there. Already in August 2019 Magenta had a similar one Proproblem, where no telephony or internet was possible at all for a few hours. Hundreds of users are currently reporting via allestö about renewed Proproblem with the mobile operator. I also notice that there is currently no network with magenta. Instead, you get "Emergency calls only" or "No service" displayed on the cell phone.

Magenta no mesh: Majority Proproblems in Upper Austria, Styria, Tyrol and Vienna

However, it does not seem to be maintenance work, but really a Proproblem to act. Nevertheless, the mobile operator has between 01:00 a.m. and 06:00 a.m. for the coming night scheduled maintenance work. There one speaks of: "In the course of maintenance work there may be brief interruptions or interference noises in your telephony service throughout Austria."

Since mobile operators such as HoT or the former Telering also use the Magenta network, failures can occur here. Unfortunately, we don't know any more details yet. It is also still unclear which federal states or areas of this Proproblem.

If you look around on Twitter, you can already see some users posting about a disruption. Our post has already had several hundred impressions. At the moment it looks very much like it will Proparticularly present in Upper Austria, Styria, Vienna and Tyrol. Unfortunately, we're still waiting for a fix or statement from Magenta.

In the meantime, please let us know in the comments where the network went down.

Update at 23:16 pm: Magenta has now added the following information to the fault query: “Linz / Central Upper Austria: There is currently an impairment of our mobile network. Our technicians are already working flat out to fix it. "

Update on May 14.05th at 08:14 am: The malfunction seems to be currently resolved.

Update on May 14.05th at 11:12 am: The network has been working for several hours proflawless. The glitch appears to be resolved, as does Magenta on Facebook approved.

We'll update the article as soon as we know more.

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David Wurm

Do that TechnikNews-Ding together with a great team for several years. Works in the background on the server infrastructure and is also responsible for everything editorial. Is fascinated by current technology and likes to blog about everything digital. In his free time, he can often be found developing websites, taking photos or making radio.

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In Linz 4020 everything was off (magenta) for several hours including hot, an info with an apology would be the absolute minimum that I would expect ...... But ...... Rather nothing with X in the direction, unfortunately


Where did magentas post go on facebook?

Helmut Waiter

From about 22 p.m. I no longer have WiFi via my hot network. The next morning it went again. The breakdowns are increasing. Lots of advertising, little substance. I'll have enough soon.


So I canceled my contract today because the failures are becoming more and more frequent ..... a shame


On May 13.5.2020th, 22 at 00:03.00 p.m. nothing worked anymore in the Waidhofen an der Ybbs and Amstetten area. Sometime around XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. everything went back to normal. Currently none Problem more in Waidhofen.

Count Bubula

I've had it all over the past few weeks Proproblem with the Magenta network and could not use my internet properly because my cube runs over the mobile network. After asking them there was never one Proproblem, if I want better internet I have to use a stationary one. Well, that costs more, but I currently have to work from my home office, so I need that.. And now, wow from the advertised (by customer service) 40 mb/s I get a whopping 7 mb/s?. Well, at least it is possible to work, but then pay more for it? BTW I live in Graz, so normally there shouldn't be any like that here Progive problems ?


Apart from the blackout last night, I too have more and more Proproblems with the LTE HomeNetBox from Magenta.
So far I have helped myself with a system restart.
The device apparently logs into the network again and the data rate increases again.


Nothing works in Hofamt Priel NÖ either!


It was exactly the same in Marbach an der Donau. Very annoying - again ...

Laurence Danner

Just wanted to start the night shift, no stationary Internet in the office, so currently only LTE from Magenta, because everyone is in the home office.
Then I see the article here and on the malfunction query that:

Linz / Zentralraum Upper Austria: There is currently an impairment of our mobile network. The reason is damage to our infrastructure in the course of construction work by an external company. Our technicians are already working flat out to fix it.

An infrastructure is usually redundant, but not with Magenta. Bravo!!!


In times of Corona, working from home is great. Wuhuu.

Manuela Lorenzato

When asked, is everything in perfect order? total failure just lucky that i comes in with the mobile data halfway ☹ 5231 Schalchen Kids will have homescool again tomorrow, until then I hope I radio again !!!! It is annoying !!!


But are other providers also affected?


well then there is still no end of the world .. thanks for the answer .. Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!




Enns down 🙁


nothing goes ... 4020 linz


4400 Steyr - down


It's magenta.
At the top of the fault query is:

Current Info

Linz / Zentralraum Upper Austria: There is currently an impairment of our mobile network. Our technicians are already working flat out to fix it.

at the bottom of the query for zip code 4020 (Linz) it says:

Everything is fine!

Good handling ...


Everything is fine! 🙂

Nicole Poechhacker

In Scheibbs also death


4863 dead! According to the troubleshooter it was recommended to restart the router! But still not possible….

Nils Lohner

As always, the fault query is rubbish, it always shows no faults. Ridiculous 😀

Nils Lohner

Disturbances in Graz.


Dead pants at Magenta in Hagenberg

Nico Stumptner

There is no network in Schwertberg either.

Roland Radosztics

Unterweitersdorf no network. I'm currently connected to the ASFINAG WLAN, because my cell phone also runs on Magenta. Is annoying. Hope it's fixed by tomorrow.


Schweinbach also complete failure
Seems almost as if OÖ is a Problemish…

beer host

The net is gone on the Hochficht as well.


4661 Roitham, no network XNUMX only, magenta and HoT


4030 no mobile internet since about 22:00 p.m

Florian Sturmlehner

flattach (9831) no calls, no internet, no service


Catfish (4600) also no network only emergency calls


4240 emergency calls only


4209 no network

Alex K

I've been very slow all day today. Nothing works anymore in downtown Linz.


3661 no network