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WWDC 2018: This is the news in iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave and tvOS

Image: Apple
(Post image: © 2018 Apple)

After the developer conferences of Google and Microsoft, Apple is now taking action and welcoming developers from all over the world to the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).  

According to our own figures, there are already 20 million developers for iOS. These are said to have raised a total of 100 billion dollars through the app store. Not uncommon for Apple to start with such triumphant numbers. So this time too they run the WWDC .

iOS 12

The Provariety of Apple products is constantly increasing. After the release, iOS 12 runs on all iPhones, iPads and iPods, which ones too iOS 11 owned (2013 or newer).

The main news is in terms of performance. This is how the tasks for the Proprocessor is now better divided, which should enable significantly faster performance. In many cases, this should even cut loading times by half.

Significantly better performance thanks to the new software. (Image: Apple)

ARKit 2

The augmented reality platform was introduced with iOS 11 and is getting a new version with the new iOS update. A new feature is the new framework, called UDSZ. This should enable developers to integrate AR content in, for example, websites. If you are not a developer, but only a user, you can look forward to the new "Measure" app. This offers the practical function of measuring lengths on all surfaces. The demo already shown shows a very precise result. The new ARKit is also supported on several devices at the same time to enable a uniform experience.

(Image: Apple)

Photos: New search function and grouping

The overhaul of the photos app includes not only an intelligent search function, but also a “For you” section. This function is known from the App Store or Apple Music. It is also based on the same principle. Using machine learning, the best moments are selected here and presented again in a beautiful way. The new app can also recognize faces and use these contacts to suggest sending the pictures. Unfortunately, this only happens initially via iMessage from Apple device to Apple device. If the recipient also has a device with iOS 12, his photos will be searched for similar motifs with the same people. Finally, a contact for sending the rest of the images is suggested again.

Finally: Siri can proto be programmed

As is already known from Alexa and the Google Assistant, Siri can now also learn and proto be programmed. With this new feature, Siri is able to take over everyday tasks. This is mainly done using the new “Shortcuts” app, which is automatically installed with iOS 12. This allows you to assign Siri routines. For example, if you say the sentence: "I'm leaving the house", Siri is able to switch off all the lights if they are Smart Home compatible. Siri also becomes her own secretary for appointments, so if a meeting is obviously late, she can suggest that all participants be informed of the delay by phone. But these are just a few examples of all the new features that the shortcut feature brings with it. This also makes Apple's new HomePod significantly more relevant in the league of smart home devices.

Apple app news

Be it the share app, Apple News or Apple Books. The company itself offers a fairly large repertoire of everyday usable apps and some of them can now look forward to an update. Google has already announced a new, personalized news app and Apple also wants to update its own representative. In addition to the personalized news feed, there is now a browse tab that is supposed to find new topics.

Those who prefer voice memos instead of handwritten or typed notes can look forward to an update of the app provided for this purpose. This now also works on the iPad and can be synchronized on all devices using iCloud. This means that all voice memos remain clearly arranged in one app and can be accessed from any device.

Minimizing distraction from the cell phone

The newly appearing "do not disturb" mode makes notifications disappear, for example at night or at work. This means that when you switch on the device, you can only see the time. This mode can also be set at short notice via the control center. For this purpose, messages are now also grouped on iOS. This is already known from Android, but at Apple, notifications will also be sorted by topic in the future.

If you want to part with some apps to minimize distraction, the new "Screen Time" app can help. This shows how long and how often you have used your device in general, but also specifically which app you use the longest, call it up most often or which one sends the most notifications. Parents can also restrict their children's use and see which app they use when, how often and for how long. In addition, you can now limit the time you use certain apps yourself.

(Image: Apple)

Animojis and Memojis

A nice little feature is also the future tongue recognition of the Animojis and the new Memojis. The latter are animojis adapted to your own appearance, which can be sent to friends after creation. These new features are supported in the redesigned News app.

Watch 5

"We're excited about the positive impact Apple Watch is having on people's lives," said Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer. “Apple Watch helps our customers stay connected, improve their fitness and, in many cases, identify life-threatening conditions. With the introduction of watchOS 5, we are pleased to introduce new activity and communication functions that will take the watch to a completely new level. ”This is how the presentation of the new WatchOS starts, here the new features at a glance.

The main focus of the new update: The sport

Apple Watch users can now challenge each other and start a 7-day activity competition. This should increase the sense of community during sport and increase motivation.

It has also often happened that Apple Watch users started a workout but forgot to notify their smart watch. But that should now be a thing of the past, because there is now an automatic recognition of the training. In addition, you are also reminded to end the workout when the watch detects a long period of rest. The types of training now also include yoga and hiking, in which the calories burned and training minutes earned are now counted.

Those who like to run can now have their step frequency measured or set a speed alarm. This should warn the runner if he is running too fast or too slowly. In addition, the run can now be better evaluated. In this way, the pace of the last runs can be compared with the current pace or that of the last kilometer.

Features for athletes: walkie-talkie and podcasts

The new function is not called "Walkie-Talkie" for nothing. It is very similar to the well-known radio device. With just one tap on the watch, speech can be sent from watch to watch. This should be particularly practical for athletes who like to do their sport in groups. This way, hikers in particular can stay in constant contact with a simple tip on the clock.

With the new Siri update it is now also possible to listen to any podcast or podcast catalog on the Apple Watch. This does not require an iPhone or an active internet connection. A new function for developers allows music, audio books, podcasts or meditation exercises to be played freely on the Apple Watch. Compatible wireless headphones are of course required for this.

Music and podcasts now also on the go during sports, without a smartphone. (Image: Apple)


New bracelets as a hardware feature

In addition to the new Pride dial, there is also a new bracelet in the same colors. This is made of woven nylon. The proceeds from the sale of this bracelet go to some LGBTQ * organizations, which campaign for the rights of the LBGTQ * community.

The new watch face and the new bracelets. (Image: Apple)


macOS 10.14 Mojave

The performance of the new update for the Mac operating system is also increased. This increases here mainly through the waiver of support for 32-bit apps. The new macOS also runs on all devices that received the update for macOS High Sierra.

Dark mode arrives in the Mac

The "dark mode", which is already known from many applications, can now be found almost system-wide. This is particularly pleasant with applications like Xcode 10. The dock and menu bar can also be darkened, but depending on the app icon, this feature has so far achieved very good and rather few good results.

This is what the new system-wide dark mode looks like. (Image: Apple)

Dynamic desktop and desktop heap

The screen background can now change during the day, depending on the time. So that the desktop also looks neat, it is possible to make a bunch.

The new desktop heaps. (Image: Apple)

Finder better now

There is now a gallery view in the Finder. It is now also possible to edit images directly in the Finder. Of course, one does not speak of complex editing, but rather, for example, turning the images over. This function, but also the conversion of a file into a PDF, saves opening a separate app. Automator Actions can also be used to integrate other actions into the new Finder.

Screenshots have been revised

It is now possible to edit the preview directly. With this you can now add a magnifying glass, make annotations and many other things. As already known from the iPhone, it is now also possible to make video recordings on the Mac and without a separate one Programs. These can be from the entire desktop or just from individual windows. Once recorded, these videos can also be edited or dragged and dropped into an app.

News and shares now also on the Mac

The integration of news and stocks on the Mac increases reading and working comfort for many people. Even if the new news app is not available in Germany for the time being, you can look forward to this new feature. There is also the new share app with the integration of business news on the Mac.

Voice memos, home app, security and more

Voice memos also on the Mac

You can now make voice recordings on the Mac, as you are used to from the iPhone, and with iOS 12 also on the iPad. As already mentioned, these can also be transferred from the Mac to other devices using iCloud.

The Mac gets a home app

The control of smart home hardware using HomeKit was already known from mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). This should now also be conveniently possible via the Mac so that you don't have to switch on the mobile phone if you want to switch on the lights. In addition to simple operation, rules can also be set up, for example.

Security on Mac and Safari

Apple adds more security mechanisms. The operating system also monitors the system's camera, for example. If an app wants to make use of this, it will have to get your permission in the future. Safari uses advanced filters for this. In the future, web forms or like buttons on websites will no longer start tracking without your permission.

New App Store on Mac

The new App Store on the Mac is very reminiscent of that of the iPhone or iPad. In this there is a new overview every day and also articles with information about the creation of apps. The preview and info pages of apps can now also contain videos, which allows developers to present their software even better.

The new App Store, in darkness and with a general new design. (Image: Apple)

tvOS 12 for the AppleTV

The new OS of the AppleTV 4K is now Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision certified. Thanks to this room-filling sound, it is now possible to enjoy rented films in even better audio quality. The prerequisite for this is the existence of a corresponding system. With the new update, Apple is offering a free update for all films purchased before the update.

The new screen savers are a small external innovation. But these belong to AppleTV, like the watch faces to AppleWatch. The new backgrounds are images from space that were shot by NASA astronauts. If you want, you can also call up the location information of the image.

The update will appear on the AppleTV (4th Gen.) and the Apple TV 4K.

Release date of the updates

Now it's time to wait for all of these innovations. They should be available in autumn 2018. Anyone interested in a developer beta can look forward to tomorrow.

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