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XGIMI Aura presented: The laser projector can do that

XGIMI Aura cover picture
Image: XGIMI
(Post picture: © 2021 XGIMI)

The Chinese manufacturer XGIMI today presented its first laser projector, the XGIMI Aura. We have all the information.

The projector with the name “Aura” is equipped with the “Ultra Short Throw” technology, which is supposed to project a very sharp image at a very short distance. The maximum resolution is 4K HDR10 with a maximum of 2400 ANSI lumens on 150 inches, Android TV 10 is used as the software. Netflix is ​​still not officially supported (but there are ways around this), other services such as Disney + or Amazon Prime do. The Aura has 4 × 15 watt speakers, which, according to the manufacturer, should provide a "cinema sound". The speakers are divided into two tweeters and two subwoofers. There are three HDMI ports and three USB ports for external devices or storage media. However, the short distance technology eliminates the need for auto keystone correction, and the keystone must be set manually. At a distance of 10,9 cm from the wall, an 80-inch picture is already possible, at 44,1 cm it is 150 inches.

The XGIMI Aura can now can be pre-ordered, the RRP is € 2499.

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my aura comes calendar week 1 in 2022. I'm really excited to see
because at such a short distance of up to 100 inches a maximum of 150 inches would be nice.
Don't have that big a room. If the sound is still right, I can replace my sound deck with the Aura.
Best regards,


Hi. I'm satisfied so far. Background noise is present but subtle and only at low volume. The good sound drowns out the background noise (fan) while enjoying a movie. Aura using a CLR floor screen. No lie, suitable for daylight, slightly pale colors in direct sunlight but still good to look at. Is my first short-distance projector, previously had the halo. Perfect for me in terms of picture and sound. I deactivated the motion setting, too much soap effect.

Best regards,

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