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Xiaomi 13 Pro presented in China: 1 inch sensor for the masses

xiaomi 13 Pro cover photo
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

With the Xiaomi 13 Pro the Chinese manufacturer also presented one Pro-Version of the Xiaomi 13 officially before. On paper, it scores above all with the triple camera. After the Xiaomi 12s Ultra, the 13 Pro with the Sony IMX989 therefore.

But apart from that, the smartphone has a lot to offer. What then? You will find out in the following lines.


As with the Xiaomi 13, the manufacturer is trying to reinvent the wheel in terms of design. So it can hardly be said from the outside that this is the successor to the Xiaomi 12 Pro acts. Try the Xiaomi 13 Pro the balancing act between Xiaomi 12 Pro and the Xiaomi 13 by relying on the rounded design of the predecessor on the one hand, but also integrating the new camera design of the 13 on the other. The device itself is available in four different colors. Black, White, Green and Blue. What is exciting here is that the buyer actually has the choice between imitation leather (blue) and ceramic (black, white, green). It is still unclear which colors will ultimately come to us in Germany.

xiaomi 13 pro design

The four colors of the Xiaomi 13 Pro. (Image: TechnikNews)


The display of the Xiaomi 13 Pro measures 6,73 inches and has a pin-sharp resolution of 1.440p. This results in a PPI of 522, which is significantly higher than the 414 PPI of the Xiaomi 13. As in the previous year, this is a 120 Hertz display, which again supports LTPO technology. New this year - as with the Xiaomi 13 - is a maximum display brightness of 1.900 nits. Unlike the little brother, however, the display is slightly rounded on both sides.

Performance and battery

A highlight of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is definitely the performance. As we know from Xiaomi, they always install the currently strongest Qualcomm SoC in their flagship smartphones. This year it is the Snapdragon 8 Gen2, which is manufactured by TSMC, which is probably why it is significantly more powerful, but above all more efficient than the 8 Gen1 in the Xiaomi 12 Pro will be.

In combination with the 4.820 mAh battery, we should get usable runtimes here. If the battery is empty, it is possible to charge it with up to 2.0 watts via the USB-C 120 connector. Wireless charging with up to 50 watts and reverse wireless charging are also supported. The fact that USB-C 2.0 is still used here is, in my opinion, cheeky.


The highlight of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is definitely the camera. As already mentioned, the IMX989 is used as the main sensor, which we already have from the Xiaomi 12s Ultra or even that Vivo X90 Pro More. This is a 1-inch sensor with a resolution of 50 megapixels and is optically stabilized.

There are also two more 50 megapixel sensors. While one of the two functions as an ultra wide angle with autofocus, the other offers a 3,2x optical zoom. A different sensor is used here than in the little brother.

On the Xiaomi 13 Pro the manufacturer is again working together with Leica, which means that the Xiaomi 13 Pro is the first Xiaomi smartphone to go global with the Leica collaboration. Ultimately, a test will have to show how the influence of the German company will look like.


The RRP of the Xiaomi 4.999 is 13 yuan Pro 300 yuan over that of the Xiaomi 12 Pro. Converted to a price of about 680 euros. As with the Xiaomi 13, it should also be clear that Xiaomi is the 13th Pro cannot offer at this price in this country. Personally, I would expect prices between 1.099 euros and 1.199 euros. At first glance, that seems like a lot and 1.099 euros is definitely not little, but we also get the largest camera sensor currently on the market, the strongest Processor and thanks to three years of OS updates and four years of security updates, it is a future-proof smartphone that you can use with a clear conscience for the next three to four years.

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