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YouTube: Testing emoji reactions during a video

YouTube reactions
Image: Google
(Post picture: © 2022 Google)

Google is currently testing another way of giving your opinion on a video. These are emoji reactions at a specific point in time in a video.

Last year, Google built a test feature on YouTube that allows you to post a comment on a specific point in a video. At the same time you can see the contributions of other users. Since that was well received, another test was started. Uploads from a small selection of channels can now post an emoji reaction at a specific time.

YouTube is testing emoji reactions: Similar to the competition

If a channel has been selected for the test, you will see a list of possible reactions in the comment area. Which emojis are available can still vary during the test phase, since different compositions are being tested. The reactions of others are only displayed collectively, so it is not possible to trace exactly who sent which emoji. Rather, one should get a feeling for how well other viewers like a certain spot.

All of this may already sound familiar. The like function for live videos in Facebook works in a similar way, and Microsoft Teams also comes with a similar feature. It is currently unclear when this innovation will be rolled out across the board.

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