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We at TechnikNews use the tools Matomo and Google Analytics to find out more about our users. This data includes visitor statistics, popular articles and provides information about our target group.

In contrast to other sites, however, we anonymize your IPv4 addresses in two places. So we only know the country of origin of your visit. With all four digits of an IP address, the location of the visit would be more precise. In the case of IPv6 addresses, we only save the 64-bit dynamic provider locations. We generate the other half, the user sites, randomly. This means that these visits are not exactly traceable either (more detailed information here ).

How do I turn tracking on TechnikNews from?

However, if you still want to turn off this tracking, you do not need to complex scripts or deactivate JavaScript with us. On this page we offer the option of setting an anti-tracking cookie. With us, you don't need to download an anti-tracking toolbar from Google for the tracking exception with Google Analytics. After clicking the button, we set a cookie that blocks the tracking script on all pages.

What is visitor tracking necessary for?

However, we would be happy to have visitor tracking activated for Matomo (formerly Piwik). Here, too, we anonymize your IP addresses. The difference to Google Analytics, however, is the storage of user data in the EU on our servers - so this is subject to our data protection guidelines here in the EU and from TechnikNews. Leaving visitor tracking activated helps us to evaluate our monthly visitor statistics and helps us to continue to improve our content for you.

Deactivate tracking

Interested in the source code of this solution? Write us an email at hello!

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