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TechnikNews is independent and it should stay that way. We therefore forego paid reviews and bought opinions. We also do not sell user data, IP addresses and email addresses of our readers to other people. The team behind TechnikNews always tries to keep the readers up to date and to care about our presence. We don't run intrusive ads to make money with every click. But if you want to support us, you can help us with the following options.

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We operate partnerships with a number of online shops in the categories of fashion, technology, media, entertainment, lifestyle, furniture and many more. By making a purchase through our links, we will receive one Provision, which we use to maintain and improve our infrastructure. You too can support us. All you have to do before shopping in a shop (Amazon, Adidas, Nike and many others) is "enter" the shop via our links, then prowe fit from it. Of course, the purchase price remains unchanged for you and there are no disadvantages.

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If you regularly order from Amazon, we would be very happy if you would use our link to do so. We obtain pro Buy some from this link Provision. We use this to finance our server and domain. Also exciting ProProducts that we do not receive as test devices are financed with this money.

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