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EA Sports FC 24 played: Old wine in new bottles?

Erling Haaland in EA Sports FC
Image: EA
(Featured image: © 2023 EA)

EA Sports FC 24 is the latest soccer game from Electronic Arts that comes out with a new name. But is it really a new game or just old wine in new bottles? I took a closer look at the game and will tell you what has changed and what hasn't.

The game offers many well-known modes that are already known from its FIFA predecessors. In addition to the classic “Quick Game”, this also includes the player or manager career, the street football “Volta” and multiplayer modes such as Ultimate Team. However, the menus have been arranged a little differently, which isn't always good for the game. Sometimes it's hard to find or achieve what you want.

However, a lot has happened on the pitch. The game is graphically at a very good level and offers some improvements in the presentation, lighting and animation of the jerseys. Players look more vivid and realistic and have individual movements and abilities. For example, the striker Erling Haaland is a real battering ram in the defense and has his very own animations.

The gameplay has also been slowed down a bit, which benefits the realism. The controls are no longer as direct as in FIFA 23, but you have more control over passes and shots. A new type of pass is the Precision Pass, with which you can individually select the passing point on the field. This brings more dynamics into play, but also requires more practice.

Unfortunately, the game also has some weaknesses that spoil the enjoyment of the game. There are still bugs, graphical errors and glitches that EA hasn't ironed out to this day. The AI ​​is sometimes stupid and does incomprehensible actions. The goalkeepers are sometimes too strong, sometimes too weak. The new play styles are also not always well balanced and sometimes seem unrealistic.

Ultimate Team is back and continues to be EA's cash cow to extract money from players for an advantage in the game. What's new is that playing cards can improve through evolution, and the chemistry has also been revised again.

EA Sports FC 24 Conclusion:

EA Sports FC 24 isn't a bad game, but it's not a revolutionary one either. It offers some improvements in graphics and gameplay, but rests on the laurels of previous years.

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