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FlexiSpot lighting range review: from useful to decorative

FlexiSpot lights featured image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2024 TechnikNews)

After we have the height adjustable desk E7 Pro After testing FlexiSpot, we wanted to explore the range away from the main store. We decided to take a closer look at the range of lights.

There are four in total Products at FlexiSpot that bring some light into the room. The emphasis is on something, because none of them really brighten the room. With one exception, it's more about creating a beautiful ambience and making your home even more comfortable. But more on that below.

EL4: Practical monitor lamp

And that is the one exception EL4, which is intended to maintain focus when working on the computer. I've never had a monitor lamp before and was therefore all the more surprised at how pleasant it was to have one. Not only does it illuminate the entire work surface so you can read your notes easily, it was also more pleasant for my eyes to look at the monitor with the additional lighting. The light strip is 38 cm long and comes with a small, practical remote control for the desk. In addition to the four color temperature levels (3000k-4000k-5000k-6500k), we have five brightness levels, both of which can also be adjusted continuously. You can also leave the brightness setting to the lamp, which then adapts the light to the environment using a sensor.

It is pleasant that the lamp saves the last setting. The EL4 is connected via USB-A and can be attached to both curved monitors and monitors with thicker screen edges using the included arm. It takes up so little of the edge that most built-in cameras are not blocked. I think the price of €59,99 is quite reasonable and I recommend it Prodefinitely keep going.

LL01 and LL02: Floating, magnetic and relaxing

Behind the two hieroglyphic ProThere are two little eye-catchers hidden in the product name. On the one hand, we have one here using magnets floating light bulb (15 cm wide / 15,5 cm high) and on the other hand one floating moon (14 cm wide / 18 cm high), whose light color and temperature can be adjusted in three levels. The light bulb, but also the moon, of course uses LED technology with a specified light output of 0,2 watts that is more decorative than illuminating. In Thomas Edison's invention we have a circle with a mahogany look as the base, and the celestial body has a square with the same look. Both have a touch-sensitive area in the base to turn them on or off. You would also want to use this if you want to see the figures floating when switched off, because if you pull the plug out of the socket, the magnetic field also disappears and the lamp falls from its floating state onto the base.

FlexiSpot magnetic light bulb

Picture: TechnikNews

If you give the lights a little jump-start, they will rotate for a certain amount of time until at least the light bulb stops. The moon rotates constantly. I think both lamps are a decorative eye-catcher, whether they are lit or not. For me, however, that doesn't justify the unrebated price of €159,99 each, especially because the moon is a textured but simple 3D print, which you can see on closer inspection.

FWD002: Advanced Light Strip

Everyone now knows simple light strips Neon LED strips But FlexiSpot does a few things differently. On the one hand, we have a Bluetooth connection and, on the other hand, a more diffuse light image than the commonly known ones Products. Control via your cell phone via Bluetooth offers pleasant smart home options. For example, you can have the lights turn on automatically after sunset or give your home assistant (Alexa etc.) the command to do so. Apart from that, you can of course also configure the stripes in any color you like.

12 modes can be accessed via remote control, and there are over 30 presets in the app, which unfortunately cannot be individually configured in terms of brightness or speed. The app is generally very clearly designed and changes are quickly adopted by the Light Strip. The shortenable 5 meter light snake comes with mounting clips, which can be easily attached vertically or horizontally to the desired surface by gluing or drilling. What I noticed negatively was that the tape stalled briefly during fast effects and also that the white light flickered a bit. However, both things stopped as quickly as they came. The cost is currently €69,99.

FlexiSpot Brand Days

Today is the last day of the FlexiSpot Brand Days, where many Proproducts are significantly reduced. So should you choose one of the lights or others Proproducts like that EL7 Pro If you are interested in FlexiSpot, it is worth it today Online-Shop to stop by. But even outside of the promotion, there are always discounts that are worth taking a look at.

FlexiSpot Brand Days

Image: FlexiSpot

Many thanks to FlexiSpot for providing the lights to test this. This did not influence our opinion!

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Benedikt is 21 years old and writes for TechnikNews more test reports in the field of e-mobility. It doesn't matter whether you have two or four wheels. But even if it is technical Proproducts of everyday life, Benedikt likes to deal with the matter, no matter what area it is exactly.

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