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HIVAR Skylar XL gaming chair review: comfortable & variable

HIVAR featured image
Image: HIVAR Germany
(Post image: © 2024 HIVAR Germany)

HIVAR Skylar XL is the name of the gaming chair from the German company HIVAR. The company onmobia from Oldenburg is behind this brand; the name is actually an allusion to the words “Highly” and “Variable”. Because this gaming chair is highly variable and can be adapted to the individual user. Be it the lumbar support or the adjustable armrests. We've had it in constant use in the office for 4 months, now we're testing it!

How are we actually up? HIVAR caught on? The company that specializes in ergonomic and variable gaming chairs had a stand at Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, so we decided to carry out a test with one of the models.

tl;dr: Really very comfortable and variable.

With the Skylar XL there is finally a version with a larger seat and dimensions. The assembly was really easy, the tools were already included in the scope of delivery. Due to the size of the swivel chair, two packages arrived at our editorial office. In the HIVAR online configurator you can choose what color the chair should have and what color the casters should have. So far so colorful. At the first seatproIn comparison to the previous chair, an old “DXRacer”, we immediately noticed how comfortable the seat padding is. Thanks to the variably adjustable armrests and lumbar support, all possible combinations can be madeprobeer to adapt the seat to your own needs.

Hivar configurator

Image: HIVAR

In our opinion, the HIVAR Skylar XL is really convincing, especially since you can choose between two versions, depending on how much space you like. The price is included in our test chair 749 euros including 19% VAT.

Features: 4D armrests and extra wide seat

In addition to the classic adjustment options, HIVAR offers 4D armrest adjustment. This can be operated with simple buttons on the armrests. The height, length and angle can be adjusted. In addition to the seat height adjustment, there is also a separate backrest adjustment. You can go into “swivel” mode, which means the backrest leans back almost vertically and you can really take a “power nap” very comfortably. This function can also be locked variably, meaning that the chair does not lean backwards as far as it will go. By the way, while you lean back, the seat also goes up at the same time so that your legs are always resting on it.

Hivar setting options

Image: HIVAR

We particularly liked the adjustment of the seat. As you have probably already noticed, the name “HIVAR” is on the Skylar XL Program. So far I have had three real gaming chairs from well-known brands with me. But never one like this with so many setting options.

Quality: Well-made seams and frame

The upholstery is partly made of artificial leather and the frame is made of aluminum. We find the look very appealing, the pillow has a weight behind it so that it doesn't accidentally slip down. In general, the chair makes a very good, high-quality impression. It's ergonomic anyway, which means that in our opinion there are fewer major points of criticism.

Furthermore, as can be seen in the picture above, the seat can also be variably extended in order to provide the necessary comfort for longer legs.

Prices and availability: definitely worth the price.

If you want to sit comfortably, you have to dig a little deeper into your pockets. The Skylar XL as tested by us 749 euros including 19 Procents of VAT to book. The normal version of the Skylar without the wider seat is included 649 euros including 19 Procents of VAT HIVAR also has other models like that Orbical or Eqlipse on offer. The latter is more of a chair for the office. There is now also a limited “Werder Bremen” edition for fans of the green and white football club.

Feedback to HIVAR: This is what we want for the configurator

In our 4 months with the HIVAR Skylar XL, in addition to lots of praise, we also came up with a few ideas that we would like to include in the configurator. How about, for example, an option to print your “team crest”, which is very popular in e-sports, or other logos on the chair. After all, other gaming chair manufacturers also offer this. That would certainly not detract from the high variability. Furthermore, a cup holder would be practical and other “wild” ideas, as my co-author describes it.

Thanks to onmobia Germany for providing the HIVAR Skylar XL for this test report.

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