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Suzuki Across review: How is Suzuki's first plug-in hybrid doing?

Suzuki Across featured image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2023 TechnikNews)

The Suzuki Across is the most expensive and, together with the Swace family station wagon, the longest vehicle in the line-up. In our test you can find out whether and how the price for the SUV is justified and what Toyota has to do with the Suzuki.

The Across was designed in cooperation with the Toyota RAV4, as Suzuki has not yet offered its own plug-in or even fully electric model, but this was necessary for fleet consumption in order to comply with EU requirements. Visually, the two models hardly differ, but now more about the Across. This is priced at 58.280 euros (including 19% VAT).

tl;dr: Beautiful design and wonderful driving comfort, just a bit expensive

With their only plug-in hybrid so far, Suzuki has taken a big step. I think he succeeded. He's athletic and looks the part. The Across is a suitable vehicle for everyone. The environmentally conscious will love it because of its long all-electric drive options, the families because of its space and the older among us will appreciate the convenient way to get in and out. Only the somewhat high price should probably deter one or the other interested party. For everyone else, the big Suzuki is definitely worth considering.

The exterior: One of Suzuki's greatest works

The 4,64 meter long and 1,69 meter tall SUV is quite massive at first glance. In terms of dimensions, it lies between the Swace and the Jimny. On the second, one notices the sporty elegance based on the curved headlights, the large grille and the 2 chromed tailpipes. The polished 19-inch rims also contribute to this.

Interior: Good build quality as far as possible

The equipment of the Across cannot be configured apart from paint color and various accessories. So you could say that it is always delivered with the full equipment. A clear statement regarding the pricing policy for the Suzuki. Adjusting the price by selecting or deselecting equipment is hardly possible here. The standard equipment includes, for example, a heated steering wheel, heated seats in the front and rear, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, 4 driving modes and an electric tailgate. But more on that later. The Across has a full faux leather interior that not only looks good but is also very comfortable for longer rides. Apropos seats, only the driver's seat is electric, the passenger has to shift himself. The ambient lighting illuminates the many storage compartments for the driver, front passenger and in the middle for both. They are practically attached and give enough space to quickly store small things. The only point of criticism here is that none of these compartments can charge the cell phone wirelessly. What we also didn't like was the snap-in point for the glove compartment, which still had some play and rattled a bit as a result.

The infotainment system can be operated via touchscreen and, apart from a navigation system, offers everything you would expect. We particularly liked the live information about the current driving data. These were very accurate and nicely animated. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be activated via cable. This works very quickly and smoothly. The standard built-in sound system of the Across is absolutely fine. If you want, you can use the equalizer to increase the bass and reduce the treble, for example. The reversing camera, which turns on in reverse, is very effective both day and night.

Suzuki Across rear view camera

Picture: Techniknews

Trunk: Adequate size

The boot offers 5 liters with 490 passengers, but with the rear seats folded down there is 1.604 liters in it. After briefly pressing the corresponding button on the key, which seems to be quite valuable, and the somewhat slow tailgate has opened, it is easy to remove the pull-out cover. Suzuki also includes a spare wheel under the loading area with the Across. Something like that is no longer a matter of course these days.

Suzuki Across trunk

Picture: TechnikNews

Driving impression: Very pleasant, even on longer journeys

Due to the very soft suspension, it is like gliding in the Across. The suspension easily compensates for potholes or bumps. With the 4 driving modes you can regulate the accelerator pedal very well. Whether it's city, highway or even unpaved routes in "Trail" mode, there is the right setting for everything. The Across normally drives with front-wheel drive, but switches on rear-wheel drive when accelerating hard or on slippery surfaces. The entrance is wonderfully high, so getting in and out is also great for older people. On the subject of safety, Suzuki gives us Lane Assist and cruise control with distance control, among other things. Both work well, the cruise control even works very well in stop-and-go traffic. However, the high-beam automatic often dims too late for our taste.

With the two buttons above the round dial, which switch the driving mode, you can choose the pure electric drive or the automatic mode, where the petrol engine switches on when it is needed. In return, the Across recuperates when you stop accelerating and braking, so that the energy gained flows back into the electric motor. Both engines deliver 306 HP together, with which you can bring the 2.015 kg to 6 km/h in a remarkable 6,5-100 seconds. One might think that this sportiness cannot go hand in hand with a soft suspension, but our test taught us otherwise. Even at higher speeds and sharp corners, Suzuki's Across stays clean on the road. But while we're at higher speeds, the CVT automatic transmission is extremely loud in the long run.

Charging and range: Targets are achievable

Every driver knows it: The manufacturer's information on the range, especially with electric cars, can deviate by miles from your own consumption. But not so with the Across. Suzuki specifies a purely electric range of 75 kilometers. Admittedly, you have to have a good grip on your right foot and good road conditions to reach these, but getting close to it works quite well. The Across is fully charged at the charging station in 5 hours. At the house socket in 7,5-9 hours. The combined fuel consumption according to WLTP is 1,2 liters or 16,6 kWh per 100 km. With an empty battery, we came to about 7,8 liters. But these also easily go into the middle, double-digit range on the highway, which is probably due to the weight.

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