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Anker PowerConf C300 review: This is what the 1080p webcam can do

Anker PowerConf C300 title picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

With the PowerConf C300, Anker has a comparatively inexpensive 1080p webcam in its range. TechnikNews tested them.

Many thanks to Anker, who sent us the webcam for this test. The only requirement was that the test should be published as soon as possible. 

Design and workmanship

The Anker PowerConf C300 is built into an oval frame, which can be attached to the monitor with a clip. The camera head is rotatable and can also be tilted if the monitor is relatively high. That clip is rubberized, so this should protect against damage. The clip can also be converted into a stand if there is no space on the monitor. In addition to these mounting options, there is also a tripod thread, which could be useful for offices.

Next to the camera, which is placed in the middle of the frame, there is an LED. This lights up when the sensor is used so that the user knows when it is switched on. The workmanship of the webcam is of high quality according to the price, nothing looks cheap or is broken.

Installation and setup

The installation of the camera was relatively simple. After the included USB-C cable has been connected to the computer via USB-A, Windows has already recognized the camera. It can be used easily via plug-and-play, but the advantage lies in the software. This is available for download from Anker and offers a few other functions. First, an update can be made, which should improve the quality and stability of the webcam. If you want, you can optionally attach a sliding lens protector to the webcam. This is included in the scope of delivery. Very nice!

Features and quality

The webcam itself offers some functions for activating and deactivating in the software. An optional function is HDR, which tries to balance different levels of brightness in the image. This does not work in the advertised 1080p with 60 FPS, but only with 30 FPS. That's why I deactivated the function during my test period and set it to 60 FPS. Furthermore, you can adapt the picture to yourself, for example the sharpness or brightness. The camera has several angles (78, 90 and 115 degrees), so more can be shown in the picture. This is also useful for larger meeting rooms, but it didn't help me personally (I only use the camera for myself). If there are several people, the focus can then be expanded to all of them, while in the solo frame mode only the person in the middle is brought into focus.

Anker PowerConf C300 settings

The advantage compared to cheap webcams: The setting options. (Image: TechnikNews)

The quality of the video was okay for the price, but I had hoped for more here. My meeting partners could see me well and if I held objects in front of the camera, they could recognize me, but I wouldn't use the camera for video recordings. With the audio quality of the webcam profit the company from the subsidiary "Soundcore". Anker makes good microphones / headphones and that shows in the performance of the microphones. My conversation partners could understand me well, and background noises are also filtered out well.


The Anker PowerConf C300 is a good webcam for the business sector. For currently 110 € you get many setting options, especially the wide angle should be well suited for the office. The audio quality and workmanship are also convincing. Anyone who hoped for very good image quality could be disappointed.

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