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Apple AirTag review: my first impression

Apple AirTag cover picture
Image: Kevin Özgün /TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 Kevin Özgün /TechnikNews)

The Apple AirTag has been available for purchase since today and the first buyers will receive their pre-orders. I am also one of the lucky pre-orderers. You will get my first impression of the AirTags in the following article.

After the Samsung SmartTags, there are now also the AirTags, which should help you to find your lost items again shortly. Especially the price of only 35 euros is very attractive. Let's take a closer look at the whole thing.

The scope of delivery

The four-pack of AirTags only contains the trackers, which already contain a battery. However, this is only activated when you completely remove the protective film from the AirTags. Instructions are printed on the box in compact form, thanks to which you can start using it in just two steps. In addition, a little small print is included.

Apple AirTag scope of delivery

You can of course buy a separate keychain of your choice for the AirTags. This is not included in the scope of delivery. (Image: Kevin Özgün /TechnikNews)

This is how you configure the Apple AirTag

Once you have activated the AirTag and put it in a bunch of keys or a loop, you will immediately notice how small and compact the AirTags are - a real flatterer.

As with other Apple accessories, to start the setup you have to place the AirTag next to your unlocked iPhone and wait a short moment for the AirTag to be recognized. Then a pop-up will appear and you can personalize the AirTags.

Then you are already done and can attach your AirTag to a certain object for at least a year. That is how long the integrated button cell battery lasts before it has to be replaced. If you lose an item with an AirTag, you can remove it iOS 14.5 with the "Where is?" app. Because the Apple AirTag itself has no LTE module or GPS, other Apple devices send the location of the item anonymously to the server so that you can see it.

The price: Inexpensive and useful

The AirTags are available individually for 35 euros, in a pack of four they cost 119 euros. If you want an additional key fob or a loop, Apple charges at least 39 euros. For the relatively low price, the first impression is really positive, you definitely can't complain.

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Whenever Kevin hears the word "technology" his ears go wide because he loves everything that has to do with technology. He is an avid fan of smartphones, watches, tablets, laptops, headphones and much more. He enjoys testing and using mobile technologies. He is happy to report on them and evaluate them objectively and honestly in order to provide you with the most realistic reports possible.

Kevin has already written 60 articles and left 6 comments.

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