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blueLounge MagWrap and MagDrop review: flexible cabling rethought

blueLounge MagWrap cover picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

For a few months, flexible working between office and home office has more or less established itself in some industries. You don't need a tremendous amount of messing around under the desk with the countless cables. blueLounge offers really good alternatives for a small price. We have tested the magnetic cable tie for you.

Was still in the home office at the beginning of the week, and the boss is already calling me back to the office. You've only just packed all the cables under the desk, and you're supposed to be able to unravel the whole mess of cables again. blueLounge offers an ideal, flexible solution for every desk job. The solution for this is called blueLounge MagWrap.

blueLounge MagWrap: The flexible cable solution

Instead of buying inflexible cable ties in the hardware store, which you then have to fix under your desk with a lot of fuss, blueLounge has a great solution that not only saves nerves but also time. MagWrap is nothing more than a rubber strip with a magent at each end of the strip. The rubber strip is very elastic and the magnets also hold a thick strand of cables together. However, if things need to be done spontaneously and quickly, the blueLounge MagWraps can also be removed again very easily, since the magnets are strong, but can also be easily removed. The only "disturbing" thing - which cannot be avoided - is that the rubber is very susceptible to dust.

blueLounge MagDrop: fixed cabling made easy

One or the other knows the charging cable, which is distributed across the surface on the desk or on the bedside table. You really just want to charge your smartphone and make the cable look smart without feeling like the charging cable has to run all over the table. The blueLounge MagDrop can be easily attached to various surfaces and also holds the charging cable with two small magnets. If you still want to change the surface or the piece of furniture, you can also hold the adhesive strip that attaches the MagDrop under fresh water to remove dust. You can then attach your blueLounge MagDrop to a new piece of furniture after a short period of air drying.

blueLounge MagDrop Inbox

Picture: TechnikNews


Beide Proproducts from blueLounge have their practical uses. For a good 5 euros you have the respective ones Proproducts purchased in the shopping cart. My personal favorite is the blueLounge MagWrap, as it allows me to flexibly and easily manage my desktop setup at any time.

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