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Bluetti EB70 Power Station review: electricity everywhere and compact?

Bluetti PoweOak EB70 cover photo
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

electricity on the go? For many, power banks have become indispensable for weekend trips. But what if you want to land more than just your cell phone? The Bluetti EB70 wants to offer exactly that. A power station for laptop, toaster and co. We tested them. 

The Bluetti EB70 came to us in two packages. In addition to the power station, the power pack and the cables, a solar panel was also included, with which the power station can also be charged without a power source. This can be very interesting especially for campers, who will be the main target group for this gadget. The BE70 is not only available in a bundle, the device is also available without a solar panel.

Bluetti PoweOak EB70 scope of delivery

In addition to the power station, the combination set also includes a solar panel (image: TechnikNews)

Design and processing:

The EB70 is available in the color "blue" like our test device, or in gray. At 31 x 22 x 22 cm, the "box" is slightly larger than a normal DHL package. However, the sides with the fans and the control panel are gray in both versions. The weight comes close to 10 kg, so you don't want to lug the EB70 around. Carrying is made possible by a carrying handle on the upper side, there is also an area for wireless charging of devices with a maximum of 15 watts. The connections and buttons, as well as an LED lamp and a small display are located on the front side.

The workmanship is flawless and the plastic housing looks very high quality. The device stands on four rubber feet and is stable, the buttons can be pressed well. The power supply is made entirely of plastic and feels a little cheaper. At 900g, it's not compact either.

Technical data:

The EB 70 has a power connection for charging the station at the top left, with a maximum of 200 watts. Underneath, in the DC block, there are two USB-C PowerDelivery connections, each with a maximum of 100W, and two USB-A with 5V, 3A. The block is completed with two 12 volt sockets, each with 10 amps, and a 12 volt cigarette lighter, known from cars. In the AC block there are two 230V sockets directly under the LED, all "blocks" have their own on/off switch. However, these are not covered by a "flap".

practical test:

I took the EB70 on a trip to the city park and fully charged it beforehand. It is immediately noticeable that charging is relatively quick, but it is very loud. The power supply has its own fan, which is noticeably used. But after the full loading we went with the Soundbox Go and some charging cables into the city. The mains operation of the music box ran without Probleme, the smartphone is also charged briefly and for hours. But what about larger devices? When I got home I made myself a toast and connected the toaster to the EB70. This is more of a challenge for the PowerStation, but it still doesn't come close to 1000 watts. This requires devices that I don't have, which all consume over 1000 watts, such as a deep fryer or a mobile hotplate.

Bluetti PoweOak EB70 light

Picture: TechnikNews

I also turn off charging via solar panelproThis is currently an alternative and very interesting for campers, especially on sunny days. There, charging takes a few hours longer, but it works and is a real alternative to charging. I'm missing one Proaccurate battery indicator, a few covers for the connections and a quieter power supply.

And finally ...

The Bluetti EB70 is a good power station and could be a real lifesaver, especially for campers or a weekend trip into the wilderness. But for all those who only want a larger power bank, there are certainly cheaper alternatives, because at just under €649 this would otherwise be expensive fun.

Buy Bluetti EB70

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