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BMW X6 M Competition review: Well thought-out, fast, luxurious

BMW X6 M Competition featured image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2024 TechnikNews)

The BMW X6M Competition is the largest and most powerful SUV coupe from Bavaria. There can be no question of common sense here, but there can be talk of driving fun, at least on the roads outside the city. You can find out exactly what we mean by this in our test report.

When a BMW has the word “Competition” on it, you actually know what it’s all about. Loud engine, fast acceleration and a whole lot of horsepower. The downside of the coin is a correspondingly high consumption, which you simply have to get over. But if you invest the money in a competition model, you are certainly aware of this.

tl;dr: The joy of driving has its price

The BMW X6 M Competition presents itself as a powerful and impressive SAV crossover with impressive performance and a striking design. The brute front with its numerous air vents and arrow-shaped daytime running lights gives the vehicle an aggressive look, while the aerodynamic features and the sporty sloping rear create a dynamic silhouette. Narrow, winding roads are certainly not the home of this 2.445-pound wall. Apart from that, the engine, in conjunction with the tight chassis, shows what's going on. The configurable M Modes allow the driver to adapt the vehicle to their personal preferences, while the high performance and sporty handling guarantee an exciting driving experience.

In the interior, the X6 M Competition offers high-quality materials, a well-thought-out design and a variety of comfort and technology features. Particularly noteworthy are the comfortable M multifunctional seats with electrical adjustment options and the many M accents, both analog and digital. However, it must also be mentioned that the X6 M Competition does not offer the best everyday suitability due to its sloping rear line and the resulting limited space in the rear. In addition, the high consumption and the challenge of parking in narrow parking garages must be taken into account. Also worth noting is the price, which starts at €168.100,00 (with 19% VAT) and also the full equipment, which is worth paying for with over €25.000,00 in extra features.

Design: SUV crossover with a brutal front

As strikingly angular as the front of the X6 is, the rear section is just as round. But one after the other. In any case, the dimensions are approximately 4,95 meters x 2,02 meters x 1,70 meters (length x width x height).

The front is practically littered with air vents, both to cool the engine and of course also for intake and improved aerodynamics. In addition to the very open kidney grilles with horizontal double bars, there are the headlights, which use BMW LED technology with cornering and matrix lights to ensure perfect illumination. The daytime running lights, which also represent the indicators, flash dynamically up and down. Under the hood, the €1200,00 carbon engine cover stands out.

Let's take a look at the SAV's website (Sports Activity Vehicle), the first thing you notice is the aerodynamic-improving M gills, followed by the carbon mirror caps. You can also see the mixed tires from here: huge 295/35 with 21 inches at the front and 315/30 with 22 inches at the rear.

The rear of the vehicle is typically quite round in overall shape, but the roof spoiler on the shoulders as well as the rear spoiler provide some structure. The large reflectors on the rear apron emphasize the broad appearance of the X6, but in our opinion this could have been made more elegant, but that is of course a subjective perception. The long taillights contribute to the sporty and aggressive design of the vehicle. The striking X6 M Competition logo is emblazoned under the right rear light. The M exhaust system with two pairs of twin tailpipes in black chrome is located on the eye-catching diffuser. Incidentally, the sports SUV weighs a total of 2.445 kilograms on the road, making it 225 kg lighter than the iX M60 for which we are here also wrote a test report

Interior: Surprisingly comfortable... for driver and front passenger

When you think of a competition, high-quality materials like Alcantara and carbon naturally come to mind, and you're right. From the dashboard, which itself is leather-covered, all the pillars and roof lining are made of Alcantara in ivory white or, like ours, in anthracite. There's a lot underneath the dashboard Carbon fiber and leather as a material. In general, there are few areas of bare plastic, which is pleasantly noticeable. M emblems and embroidery in Blue, purple and red However, you can of course find it in many, many places. In particular, the M animation for entry and exit, as well as the illuminated door sill and well-crafted decorative stitching on the steering wheel and gear knob have left lasting positive memories here. The cockpit has a very tidy appearance thanks to BMW's current design language. There are still a few buttons on the dashboard. Climate or media controls, for example, can now be operated entirely via the infotainment display or via voice input, which also works well.

Another thing that needs to be said about the space is that getting in and out of the rear is quite tight. But once you've made it in, even taller passengers don't have to worry about bumping their knees into the front seat. However, headroom is so limited that not even the height of the headrests can be adjusted, which means that tall people have head contact with the roof lining. The trunk, whose cover can be stowed under the false floor, still has a volume of 580 liters, 1.530 liters with the rear seat folded down.

Center console and BMW curved display

The center console, together with the display, is the main control center. The eye-catchers here are the backlit M gear knob, which can also be used to set the Drivelogic mode, and the red start button. Below you can access the driving mode and the setup for the M buttons on the steering wheel. There is also a button for the flap control if you don't want to wake the neighbors from their dreams when you start the engine in the morning. As befits a large SUV, we also have a hill descent assistant that can be activated from here to help you safely navigate slippery slopes. Temperature-controlled cup holders can be configured under the ventilation nozzles. It was the first time I've had cup holders that can be cooled as well as heated and I have to say that it's a really useful feature. This function is perfect, for example, if you want to take home both a coffee and an ice cream from a well-known fast food company.

The curved display, which has 12,3 inches for the instrument cluster and 14,9 inches for the infotainment system, is clearly structured. So, if Apple CarPlay or Android Auto wireless isn't being used, we have widgets that can be arranged in any order you like. Of course, all of the vehicle's controls are also changed here. For example, the red M¹ and M² buttons on the steering wheel can be configured as desired. You can't go wrong because all the adjustment options are clearly explained. Gesture control allows media to be controlled with a hand movement like magic. However, it sometimes takes two attempts to make sure that what you want is put into practice. It should also be said that our X6 M still uses BMW OS8 and will soon be updated to version 8.5. If you change the driving mode from ROAD to SPORT, the instrument and head-up display is also reduced to the essential driving data. If you drive manually using the carbon paddle shifters, the system also has the shift light ready for us.

M multifunctional seats

For me, the M multifunctional seats provided for the driver and front passenger are the highlight of the interior. The seats are among the most comfortable that I have had the pleasure of carrying out my tests on and offer pleasant extras. On the one hand, of course, we have a beautiful X6 M lettering, which, unfortunately, only lights up when a door is opened, and on the other hand, we have more electrical adjustment options than I have ever experienced before. Not only is the headrest electrically adjustable, the upper back can also be adjusted in the shoulder area independently of the general backrest. The wide cheeks on the shoulders, as well as those on the sides and the pelvic area, ensure particularly good lateral support when cornering quickly.

However, the cheeks in the pelvic area unfortunately mean that not everyone can sit comfortably here, as the seating area is limited by them. It's also a shame given the price that there is no comfort entry option. Seat heating and seat ventilation are of course optionally available with the perforated Merino leather. With the optional thermal comfort package, not only the seat is warm, but also the armrest on the door and center console.

Driving impression and consumption: Limited suitability for everyday use, unrestricted driving pleasure

The fact that BMW is launching the X6 as an SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) and not as an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) has a reason. A sloping rear line, in conjunction with the rear spoiler, of course provides good stability, but also sacrifices trunk volume and the aforementioned headroom in the rear. The main utility here should be sportiness anyway and there are no losses there. The engine with 625 hp, 4,4 liter displacement and a maximum of 750 Newton meters accelerates the 2.445 kg body from 0-100 in 3,9 seconds. The end is finally at 250 km/h or at 290 km/h with the optional M Driver's Package. However, the driving stability is a bit wobbly from 260 km/h onwards, as the car naturally has a large surface area for wind to attack. Got off the highway and headed towards the city, but you catch one or two Proproblems. We don't just mean the consumption of 15 liters when driving normally, one or two parking garages can also be exciting even with the well-known good parking aids from BMW with the dimensions mentioned above. If we drive further towards the country with a relaxed foot on the accelerator, we enjoy the robust V8 sound and let the consumption drop to 13 liters. The 48-volt battery, which makes the BMW a mild hybrid, also naturally contributes to the spontaneous power development and efficiency. Nevertheless, consumption of over 20 liters is definitely not impossible with a sportier driving style.

BMW X6 M Competition engine compartment

Picture: TechnikNews

Configurable M modes

If you don't like the hard suspension, the responsiveness of the brakes or the steering feel, it's easy to adjust everything individually and save it to one of the M buttons on the steering wheel. The engine can also be adjusted here so that you can drive comfortably out of the residential area and even the automatic start-stop system can be used for this Profile will generally be switched off, which will probably please some of you. If you have activated one of the M modes, you will see the corresponding M¹ or M² symbol in the instrument cluster. Aside from the configurable vehicle settings, you can also switch to SPORT or TRACK mode. Nothing changes directly on the vehicle, it's just that the assistance systems become fewer from mode to mode. In TRACK mode, the infotainment display is switched off to ensure even less distraction.

Thanks to BMW Germany for providing the X6 M Competition for this review.

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