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Teufel Boomster (2021) review: more than just "bass"

Teufel Boomster 2021 cover picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

With the Teufel Boomster from 2021, the Berliners have already brought the third version of their Bluetooth speaker onto the market. We tested it. 

Unboxing and initial setup

The Boomster (2021) is delivered in a cardboard box, in addition to the loudspeaker, the power supply and the remote control for the loudspeaker are included. The initial setup was just as unspectacularly easy. Since the loudspeaker is a pure Bluetooth / jack device, there is no need for apps with updates, etc. Simply paired via Bluetooth and the music starts playing.

Design and workmanship

The Boomster comes in two colors, classic black and "sand" white. Depending on where you are going to use it, you should think about what fits better, the white could be more suitable for a kitchen, while the black version is in good hands in a party room. There is not much to complain about in terms of processing. The speaker is well made, the material used feels high quality. Thanks to the metal handle, the Boomster can be used without Probleme to be carried, the rubber feet give the speaker stability. At 4 kg, the speaker is not particularly light, so I have to be clear to you that this is not a Bluetooth box to "carry around". It is still portable, and it is also IP X5 certified (against a targeted water jet).

Connectivity options

The connection to the Teufel Boomster runs either via Bluetooth or a 3,5 mm jack. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard has been installed, which also allows you to connect two devices at the same time. Two people can connect to the box and take turns playing music. Two Teufel Boomsters can also be connected to create real stereo sound. Qualcomm aptX is supported for high-quality audio, and DAB+ for radio audio. connectionproThere were no problems themselves, the audio ran without it Protrouble. I was happy to switch between AUX and Bluetooth (when the Boomster was used stationary), but the Bluetooth module continued to run. So I always had to decouple my smartphone manually, otherwise I couldn't use it (for audio).

A USB-A connection for charging the smartphone or tablet has also been installed, which saved my battery one time or another during the test period.

Battery life and charging

Unfortunately, the box is not charged via USB-C, but with its own charger. The Arkprozess takes about 3 hours for a full charge (of the 7500 mAh battery), which was enough for around 17-18 hours in everyday life (at medium volume). At full volume with a smartphone connected, you can empty the Boomster in 6-7 hours. So that's definitely enough for a long evening, if it should be more pleasant for the neighbors also for several.

Teufel Boomster 2021 store

While charging, the process can be followed with Stromicons. (Image: TechnikNews)

Features of the Teufel Boomster (2021)

The Boomster has several buttons on the top, but the speaker can also be controlled by remote control. The Boomster has a display behind the grille, which shows text and numbers in large, red letters. A long press on the on / off switch shows the remaining battery capacity, right next to it there is a button for setting the bass intensity. You can also switch between Bluetooth and AUX by pressing a button, and there are buttons for start / stop as well as forwards and backwards in the playlist.

In addition to the control elements, there are three preset buttons for storing FM / DAB + stations in order to be able to control them without a long search. At the very edge there is a volume up and down button. These all worked well in practice, but are not illuminated. The keys are therefore difficult to read in the dark and must therefore be felt.


Let's get to the most important thing, the sound of the loudspeaker. This is (as the name suggests) bass-heavy, but not a pure “boombox”. The loudspeaker also offers a good sound in the highs and mids, but more on that later in the text. There are 5 drivers inside the boomster, which ensure a very good sound. There is a tweeter and a midrange driver on the left and right, which are integrated into a 3-way system by a central woofer. On the back there are two passive radiators, which give the bass room air to "breathe".

This system ensures a precise, balanced sound. Of course, the bass can still be amplified, which provides the necessary bang for parties. The bass range doesn't seem tinny, but clearer and more sensitive. This also runs through the mids and highs, only S-sounds sound a little imprecise. However, the areas are noticeably separated from each other and therefore do not mix strongly.

Prices and availability

The Teufel Boomster is currently available from the manufacturer for 369,99 euros erwerben, in the colors "Night Black" and "Sand White".

Teufel Boomster (2021): Conclusion

The Teufel Boomster is a very good speaker for a fair price. A beautiful, unspectacular design, a long battery life and a very good sound form a very good overall package that is worth the money. The hybrid of radio and bluetooth speaker cuts a fine figure in the house and on the go thanks to its functionality. Only the hard-to-read buttons and the non-disconnecting Bluetooth connection when switching to AUX are points of criticism that I could do without.

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