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Teufel BOOMSTER Go review: Two rock better

Devil BOOMSTER Go Front
Image: © 2020 TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2020 © 2020 TechnikNews)

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen - including the Teufel BOOMSTER Go. Unlike many competitors, this is also available in a double pack - it rocks better with two people. We clarify what this is all about in this review.

Last year we already had the larger Bluetooth speaker from Teufel, the Devil ROCKSTER Go, here review. To this day, it is simply unbeatable for its price. Now there is the Teufel BOOMSTER Go, which currently costs 90 euros. Thus almost 60 euros cheaper than the Teufel BOOMSTER Go. Are you saving not only on price, but also on sound? We'll look at that review.

Unboxing: enough plastic

From the outside, the cardboard packaging actually looks quite eco-friendly. I was disappointed when unpacking, however, where all the plastic bags were buzzing around me. One contains the operating instructions, another contains the loudspeaker itself and the other two contain the lanyard and the micro-USB cable. So then a total of four times plastic, which really doesn't have to be. For this I deduct a point - the box would have been robust enough to be able to deliver everything without additional plastic.

Apart from the plastic, the box comes with an instruction manual, the TEUFEL BOOMSTER Go of course, a micro-USB cable and a neck strap. The micro-USB cable could be replaced by a USB-C cable in the successor - I had already criticized that with the TEUFEL ROCKSTER Go back then.


Like a Bluetooth speaker, the Teufel speaker supports playback via Bluetooth 4.2 with smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. Unlike the Teufel ROCKSTER Go, the BOOMSTER does not have a Qualcomm aptX, which offers even better music quality and better synchronicity. In comparison, however, I didn't notice that this technology is missing here.

Teufel BOOMSTER Go front

The Teufel BOOMSTER Go can withstand a short fall into the pool. (Image: © 2020 TechnikNews)

In addition, it is waterproof for brief immersion thanks to IPX7. The loudspeaker can also be used as a hands-free device, and a suitable microphone is integrated. In the test, calling over the loudspeaker turned out to be more of a flop, as all conversation partners heard themselves again and again after a few seconds with feedback - the microphone, on the other hand, was good, I was always understood well.

In addition, compared to the ROCKSTER Go, the battery level of the Bluetooth box (only with Android!) Is now displayed directly on the smartphone. There is an indicator for this in the notification bar. In addition, the exact battery level can also be called up in the Bluetooth settings.

Teufel BOOMSTER Go Above

The three LEDs indicate the battery level. (Image: © 2020 TechnikNews)

For everyone else, there are three dots next to the on/off button on the speaker. At 66-100 Procent battery all three LEDs light up, two LEDs at 33-65 Procent battery, at 6-10 Proa warning tone with a slowly flashing LED at the same time, with less than 6 Procent battery there is also a warning tone and an LED flashes quickly.

Two Teufel BOOMSTER Go in stereo mode

Teufel BOOMSTER Go Stereo

Image: © 2020 TechnikNews

A really great feature is the stereo coupling of two BOOMSTER Go loudspeakers. If you own two of them, you can play them in stereo. The advantage of two BOOMSTER Go's is, of course, on the one hand the higher volume, on the other hand you can place them separately from each other. In my case, that was perfect for a volleyball match - a BOOMSTER Go to one half of the field, second to the other side. With a single Bluetooth box you would have to put it in the middle of the field and you won't hear the music perfectly and loud enough. According to the manufacturer, the distance between the two speakers for stereo mode can be up to 10 meters, but much more is possible. In the test, 40 meters were not visible Prostated problems.

Pairing two Teufel BOOMSTER Go - this is how it works:

First you have to pair one of the two speakers with the smartphone, then you press the volume up & Bluetooth button on the connected speaker at the same time. A double-sounding coupling sound can be heard. Now you press the Bluetooth button on the second BOOMSTER Go and you hear a double “thing, thing” on both speakers. Now you pair yourself with the smartphone with the loudspeaker, which is in the list of paired devices ("thing" can be heard). Play music now - you will hear it on both speakers.

To “release” the loudspeakers from stereo mode, the Bluetooth button must be pressed together with the volume down button.


When it comes to software, the Teufel BOOMSTER Go is more up-to-date than the larger, in-house competitor ROCKSTER Go. The coupling sounds sound more modern and fresher, the stereo feature works more reliably and the battery level is displayed on the smartphone. Now the question remains whether you should go for the more expensive ROCKSTER Go or the cheaper BOOMSTER Go.

If you choose a BOOMSTER Go, you get a compact Bluetooth speaker with a long battery life and great functions, such as playing in stereo mode. If, on the other hand, you reach for the ROCKSTER Go, there is more bass and a more voluminous sound than a single device. However, if you have two BOOMSTER Go and play them in stereo, the small one outperforms the big one: you can fill a larger room with much better sound with two speakers in stereo mode. The only disadvantage is that you always have to charge two speakers.

Teufel BOOMSTER Go back

Image: © 2020 TechnikNews

For our volleyball matches I prefer to take two BOOMSTER Go's, in the outdoor pool or to chill out by the lake I prefer to take a ROCKSTER Go with me. So it depends entirely on the intended use and whether you want to cover a larger area or not. Teufel has done a very good job here at a price of just under 90 euros, but less plastic packaging and replacing micro-USB with USB-C would make the package even better.

Buy Teufel BOOMSTER Go

The Teufel BOOMSTER Go is currently available in the Teufel online shop at a price of 87 euros. You can choose between the color variants Night Black, Sand White, Space Blue, Ivy Green and Coral Red.

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