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Teufel ROCKSTER Go review: The all-rounder Bluetooth speaker?

Teufel ROCKSTER Go test
Image: © 2019 TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2019 © 2019 TechnikNews)

Last week we did as part of the TechnikNews Christmas raffle raffle a Teufel ROCKSTER Go for you. Before that, however, we had the opportunity to get to know the Bluetooth speaker better. My experiences are in the following short test for you.

We have already tested various Bluetooth speakers here on the blog several times. Some with Alexa, some with additional WLAN functionality and lots of bells and whistles. The Teufel ROCKSTER Go does without this and is particularly compact and light. So the perfect all-rounder for the party or a barbecue? Let's find out.

Unboxing: Economical packaging without a lot of accessories

The Teufel ROCKSTER Go can already be recognized from the outside by the packaging. If you take the speaker out of the cardboard packaging, it is still wrapped in plastic foil. With the foils gone, you can already get started: The battery on my model was already about 50 Procent charged. A micro-USB cable is included as an accessory. As a technology geek, I would of course also like to see USB-C in a successor here. 😉

Features: A typical bluetooth speaker

Exactly - it's a typical Bluetooth speaker. So I have already mentioned the main function of the Teufel ROCKSTER Go. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 with Qualcomm's "aptX" technology. This has the advantage that Android devices, which also have a Proprocessor from Qualcomm, here with an even better sound quality profit.

Teufel ROCKSTER Go test

The ROCKSTER supports aptX for better sound quality. (Image: © 2019 TechnikNews)

In addition, there is a button on the top for calling up the Google Assistant or Siri directly on the paired smartphone, a battery indicator and, in addition to a pause-play button, two volume buttons. As usual, we then find the micro-USB port on the back for charging the speaker together with an AUX audio input.

Teufel ROCKSTER Go test

The connections of the Bluetooth speaker. (Image: © 2019 TechnikNews

As an extra feature, you can also couple two ROCKSTER speakers together and then play them on both at the same time. A practical function in larger rooms if you want to play a song synchronously. In spite of this, to be honest: this function is breathtaking and not that special, something almost every other manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers offers.

In my opinion, water resistance is also one of the functions of a Bluetooth speaker and the Teufel ROCKSTER Go is: Completely officially according to IPX7 and, thanks to the rubberized housing, even safe from scratches or bumps.

Sound: the essential

What would a Bluetooth speaker be without good sound? Exactly, not satisfactory - that's why I'll go into the sound of the loudspeaker in a separate point. I have multiple genres of songs proand I honestly have to admit that the speaker at Rock delivers the best performance. Personally, I find the bass on pop or other songs of this type to be overstated. But the overall package fits: The Teufel ROCKSTER Go brings powerful bass, solid mids and clean highs.

Teufel ROCKSTER Go test

The devil ROCKSTER Go sounds good. (Image: © 2019 TechnikNews)

Without leaning out of the window now, I would say that there is no Bluetooth speaker with a comparable sound in this price range. If you still want to readjust the highs, lows and mids, you can adjust this in the equalizer in the system settings of newer smartphones.

Battery: keeps the party easy

If the Teufel ROCKSTER Go runs out of juice after about 12 hours, the longest party is usually behind you. So I would say that the speaker easily lasts through every party. And if not, it isn't either Proproblem: The speaker charges for a good two hours and then fills up again. Of course, you can also switch off the speaker completely, then it shouldn’t lose a battery.

tl; dr - Conclusion: the best for this price

Let's make it short: I think the Teufel ROCKSTER Go is absolutely unbeatable for its price. No ProThe product from the competition is probably closer to the sound, the workmanship and the functions than the little Teufel loudspeaker. The small ROCKSTER is currently available at a price of just under 100 euros, where I could not recommend any other Bluetooth speaker at this price. Although the speaker is a bit too bass-heavy in some situations - in my opinion - you definitely have a great all-rounder for a party or for listening to music on the go.

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