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Fitbit Inspire HR review

Fitbit Inspire HR
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2019 TechnikNews)

The Fitbit Inspire HR is sometimes the cheapest tracker from Fitbit and still has a lot to offer. I was able to take a closer look at it for a while.

Unboxing and initial setup

Even the packaging shows that the Inspire HR is a Proproduct from Fitbit. The colors turquoise, dark blue and white were also used here, as was the case with other trackers and watches. If you pull off the tab and remove the case, you immediately see the fitness bracelet. Fitbit packed some instructions, a larger interchangeable bracelet in the color of the wearable and a small charging station in the lower part.

Fitbit provides its own app in the Play Store and in the App Store to set it up. Once opened and signed in, the Fitbit Inspire HR can be added through the settings. To do this, the smartphone first searches for the model before you can confirm the pairing with a code that appears on the Inspire's display. Overall, the setup should not take more than 15 minutes. More details about the app will be available later.

Design, display and comfort

Fitbit's Inspire HR looks very similar to other fitness bracelets. The housing is made of plastic and is only available in black. Depending on the configuration, there is also a black, lilac-colored or white silicone strap. Fitbit also offers leather and stainless steel straps.

Fitbit Inspire HR design

The Fitbit Inspire HR comes with a heart rate sensor. (Image: TechnikNews)

A heart rate sensor, or HR sensor for short, was installed on the underside of the tracker – hence the name of the model. This measures the pulse continuously and also helps to determine the sleep and rest phases. Yes, the Fitbit Inspire HR can also record and save these. The display on the top is based on OLED and reacts to touch inputs. It's just under an inch tall and unfortunately too dark in some situations. I think it's a shame if Fitbit does it for others Proproducts in the range manages to calibrate the maximum brightness perfectly. There is also a back button on the left for navigation. I could not find any processing defects. The Inspire HR is even waterproof up to 50 meters.

Fitbit Inspire HR Design 2

Picture: TechnikNews

Due to the compact design and the low weight, I could use the Inspire HR without Probleme to wear all day and also at night. The bracelet and the plastic case never felt uncomfortable. It feels more like wearing a lightweight bracelet. Praise at this point!


According to Fitbit, the battery in the Fitbit Inspire HR should last up to five days, depending on usage. If I just tracked my daily activities and heart rate (steps, sleep or similar things), I can confirm that too. If I went running more often in a week, I could do it for three to four days. Either way, a decent value. Charging took place within two hours.

Fitbit built in an acceleration sensor and an optical heart rate sensor for tracking. As already briefly mentioned, this can be used to record things such as one's own sleep or the steps taken. The values ​​that came out at the end of the day largely coincided with the results of wearables in the same price range.

Fitbit app

Like other FitbitProproducts, they also offer their own app for the Inspire HR. This is available from Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Price: Free of charge
Price: Free of charge+

The app for Android recently got a new design, as we wrote in a separate article. It's moving away from the old tiles and towards newer and more modern views. Instead of five tabs, there are now only three tabs, with “Today” being the most important for everyone. There you can see all the important fitness data that the wearable collected while it was being worn. Starting with sleep up to recording the food eaten. But that's about it with the changes. The rest of the app stayed as it was during the Fitbit Versa Lite test phase.

Fitbit Inspire HR: prices, availability and conclusion

The best way to buy the Fitbit Inspire HR is from Fitbit directly or from Amazon. The RRP is 100 euros. The prices of the interchangeable bracelets start at 30 euros.

Fitbit Inspire HR

Picture: TechnikNews

Even if the Fitbit Inspire HR is not the tracker I would wear every day, I believe there are many people who will get along well with the wearable. The Inspire with HR sensor is best suited for people who just want to record their everyday activities. For buyers who want to record sports, Fitbit offers the Versa, the Pour Lite and the Ionic on, other manufacturers also have a good offer here.

Thank you for providing the Fitbit Inspire HR.

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