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Fitbit Luxe review: entry-level tracker with advanced features

Fitbit Luxe featured image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

At the bottom of Fitbit's rankings was the Inspire range for a few years. This has now been replaced by the Fitbit Luxe. I was able to get an idea of ​​what the entry-level tracker brings you.

The market for fitness wearables is getting more populated every year. We have the more expensive range where the watches offer GPS, ECG and similar features. Then there is the slightly cheaper category, whose models are intended for everyday use. And then there are the entry-ProProducts intended for recording steps, heart rate and similar parameters.

Fitbit has always covered all of these price ranges well. the Sense. and the Versa are located in the high-end segment, the Charge fits in perfectly with everyday life and the Inspire always came out on top. The latter is now replaced by the new one Fitbit Luxury replaced. Let us now look at what is different with this one and which people it is aimed at.

Unboxing and initial setup

The Fitbit Luxe comes in compact packaging with the same style that was first introduced with the Sense and the Versa 2. A picture of the tracker can be seen on the front, as well as the model name, company logo, information on features and various small texts.

If you remove the locks, you can open the box to the left. You are immediately greeted by the wearable. There is also a magnetic charger and a replacement strap in the packaging, while the smaller bracelet is already attached. I always appreciate the fact that Fitbit won't let you down, even with a slightly larger wrist.

Fitbit Luxe unboxing

Here is a look inside the packaging. (Image: TechnikNews)

Setting up the Luxe requires the Fitbit app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store. A new device is set up by opening the app's menu via the avatar in the top left and selecting "Set up a device". Then the Fitbit Luxe is from the list of available ones Proselect products. First agree to the terms of use and then connect the tracker to the power supply. Then the smartphone and the Fitbit should find each other and a code will appear on the small display, which must be entered on the smartphone. Finally, wait for the installation of updates.

Alternatively, Android users can also use Fast Pair. However, this is not available on all devices running the Google operating system.

Design and workmanship

The Fitbit Luxe is the most compact Proproduct from Fitbit. Everything has been packed into a very small case, which makes it almost unnoticeable on the wrist.

As we already know from other models from this manufacturer, this one is once again available in many different colors. Once in white and gold, once in black, once in orchid and platinum and once in gold with a gold chain bracelet. My test device is the orchid-platinum combo. Not my favorite color, but the shade is very subtle. Fitbit is also again offering a variety of interchangeable bracelets. When it comes to material, you can choose between silicone, Horween leather, fabric and stainless steel.

Fitbit Luxe design

Picture: TechnikNews

The case is made of stainless steel and generally makes a good impression. Unfortunately, I had to realize that I already got two visible scratches. The wearable is waterproof up to five atmospheres. Fitbit states that so procan swim freely in the sea. But even workouts in the rain can't bring the tracker to its knees.

The display is 0,79 inches, has a resolution of 124 × 206 pixels and is based on AMOLED. The display is very sharp and thanks to AMOLED you also get good colors. Unfortunately, there is no always-on mode integrated - you always have to raise your wrist to activate it. In addition, this did not always work reliably in my test. In addition, the brightness on sunny days is a bit too low for my taste - see for yourself in the following picture - and navigation on the screen is only just possible.

Fitbit Luxe display

Here you can see quite well that the display of the Luxe could easily be brighter. (Image: TechnikNews)

The pages are completely blank, there is also no pressure-sensitive button for navigation. As a long-term Fitbit user, that was initially unfamiliar to me. Instead, you have to swipe from left to right on the display to go back one step in the menu.

Something more is happening on the back. Fitbit integrated the sensor for measuring the heart rate and the pins for the charger there. This sticks magnetically and really holds on there, so it doesn't fall off easily.

Specs and battery life

Fitbit states that the battery life is five days, and I came up with four to five days in my test, depending on usage. Nonetheless, this is still a good value - the little charging is once again one of my highlights. And if the battery does run out, one is fully charged again within two hours.

Fitbit Luxe charger

The charger sticks magnetically to the back. (Image: TechnikNews)

Fitbit packed some sensors into the Luxe. In addition to the heart rate sensor already mentioned, which is permanently in use, we also find an SpO2 sensor and an acceleration sensor. The former measures oxygen saturation, which provides information about possible changes in health. The latter sensor is used, among other things, for counting the steps and recording the floors climbed.

What's not on board? GPS for recording routes and NFC for wireless payments with Fitbit Pay. But that was to be expected in advance and is justified with the price.

An adapted version of Fitbit OS is installed. This shows notifications and calls, has a "do not disturb" mode and apps for the alarm clock, timer and stopwatch. What's not included is choosing a face on the watch, apps like Spotify, and a few other things. I also noticed a funny translation error in the movement memories. There is then about “86 left” (because of the direct translation from English) instead of “86 left”.

Health features

The Fitbit Luxe records various values ​​in everyday life. These include the number of steps, distance traveled and calories burned.

In addition, the tracker regularly determines the daily form index. Based on various parameters, this calculates whether you are ready for a training session. It's a practical thing, but I can tell whether it is me or not. This was also confirmed to me in practice: my own assessment hardly ever deviated from the assessment of the software.

The stress level can also be scanned using the built-in EDA sensor. The higher the index that comes out of it, the more relaxed you are. And breathing and mindfulness exercises are available for coming down. Compared to the daily form index, I find this helpful, as one is often not so aware of stress.

I also find the sleep tracking very useful. Fitbit has been one of the pioneers here for several years and recognizes the different sleep phases, i.e. light sleep, deep sleep and REM. A sleep index also provides information on how well you slept last night. An estimated oxygen deviation is also calculated, with high deviations on breathprocan point out problems. All in all, I always find it very exciting to monitor my sleep in the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Luxe app

All data collected by the Fitbit Luxe ends up in the Fitbit app. (Screenshots: TechnikNews)

Then of course we mustn't forget to record workouts. You can choose between 20 different sports, whereby all data from all sensors and the GPS signal of the smartphone are processed for the recording. If you should forget to start a training session, SmartTrack also automatically recognizes which sport you are doing and initiates a recording. During workouts you get active zone minutes, which are points for reaching certain heart rate zones. In my opinion, that's a great incentive.

All of this data is stored in the Fitbit app, although some is only visible to those with an active Fitbit Premium subscription. This costs around nine euros pro month or around 80 euros pro Year.

Prices and availability

You get the Fitbit Luxe Amazon and active in Fitbit in the store. The RRP is 149,95 euros, with this you get Fitbit Premium free for six months.

Fitbit Luxe: conclusion

The Fitbit Luxe accompanies you with useful information about your own well-being through everyday life. But it is by no means the ultimate health wearable, like the Fitbit Sense.

I was particularly impressed by the compact and light housing as well as the water resistance. I also liked the sharpness and color rendering of the display and the long battery life. I also find most of the health data very useful, such as sleep results and the stress index. The size of the display, the robustness of the housing and the getting used to the navigation did not appeal to me. I also find some of the things that the Luxe records to be unnecessary. In addition, activating the display by turning the wrist did not always work reliably.

Who is the Luxe suitable for? Mostly for people who are getting one for the first time Probuy a product and don't want to spend a lot of money on it yet. This device is also a good fit for people who just want to get basic health data.

Thank you for providing the Fitbit Luxe.

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David has already written 1211 articles and left 115 comments.

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