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Testing the Flexispot BS10: Ergonomic desk chair for the home office

Flexispot BS10 cover image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

With the Flexispot BS10, the manufacturer, which is best known for its cheap and high-quality desks, also offers an office chair. TechnikNews tested him.  

Many thanks to Flexispot, who sent us the office chair for this test. The only requirement was that the test should be published as soon as possible. 

Scope of delivery and assembly

The office chair arrives in approx. 5–10 parts, which are assembled in an hour. The castors were particularly difficult to attach because they would not go into the base without the additional force of a hammer. That was the only point where I needed help from a second person to hold the star base. Otherwise the chair could be set up without help. The enclosed instructions were pretty self-explanatory and the necessary screws were all available. The only point of criticism is the environmental friendliness, the scope of delivery consists of a lot of plastic, which has to be disposed of after assembly.

Flexispot BS10 scope of delivery

The individual parts of the BS10 are bagged in plastic. Some warnings to see very slight scratches. (Image: TechnikNews)

Flexispot BS10: design and workmanship

Furniture design is always a matter of opinion, I personally like the classic office chair design. For the materials, the manufacturer decided on mesh backs, which are made of stretched chenille. The material is breathable and does not pinch, but more about comfort later in the text. I personally like the material, after long periods of sitting on leather or other material, sweat stains usually remained. The chair has a headrest, two armrests and a lumbar support. The chair is only available in gray, but some parts are beige or silver.

The workmanship is high quality, but I would have wished for more for the price. In places there were very slight scratches on delivery, and such flaws should not appear either. The armrest cushions also look a little cheap compared to the other materials, I would have liked a better material here.

Flexispot BS10: convenience and functions

Let's get to the most important thing, comfort. Here the chair convinces all along the line. The chair can be adjusted in four different ways. First, the headrest can be reclined, which was completely lacking on my old chair. The armrests can also be adjusted, the height can be increased in 6 steps up to 8 cm. There is a lumbar support for the back, which can also be pulled out. The final adjustments can be made on the seat itself, allowing the pad to slide forward. It took me about 1-2 weeks to finally find the perfect setting, from then I could sometimes 5-6 hours prosit without problems, without getting back pain.

Flexispot BS10 comfort

The office chair can be adjusted very precisely (picture: TechnikNews)

What I was still missing was brakes on the rollers. So if you like to put your feet up, you should be careful.


The Flexispot BS10 is expensive and that is its biggest criticism. So is the chair worth it? For people who want to invest in a home office and want a chair that is highly customizable, they will be satisfied. After a month of use, the BS10 turned out to be an ergonomic, comfortable desk chair. In addition to my small points of criticism, the price should probably be the biggest Probe a problem for many, if you don't use the chair every day, you should look for a cheaper model.

Manufacturer site

Currently there is a discount of 10% until the end of the month if you use the code NY10.

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