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Testing the Flexispot CB2: Mobile pedestal for the desk

The Flexispot CB2 roll container photographed from the side.
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2023 TechnikNews)

Anyone who wants to expand their desk with storage space will find it difficult to avoid mobile containers. We took a closer look at the Flexispot CB2. 

Scope of delivery and construction

The CB2 comes in a single large box with lots of plastic as it comes fully assembled. The box was a little damaged, whether this was due to transport or the factory is difficult to understand in retrospect. The ProHowever, the product itself was so well protected that it showed no signs of damage. The wheels are already pre-screwed, which saved a lot of nerves.


In addition to the roll container, only two keys are included in the scope of delivery, no extensions for the shelves.

The processing of the Flexispot CB2

An important aspect, especially with pieces of furniture, is the processing. The roll container is made of metal, which smells a little like a factory when you first unpack it. But it has no quirks and also feels high-quality. The drawers close completely but do not slide back into the container. There are no sharp edges, the edges are all rounded. The castors are also easy to work with and allow the container to be moved easily. The mobile container is available in either black or white.

The castors on which the Flexispot CB2 stands

The Flexispot CB2 has five wheels on which the container can be moved. (Picture: TechnikNews)


The container has three drawers, a shelf at the top for small items, a slightly larger one in the middle and a large shelf at the bottom. The container can be locked with a key, Flexispot includes two keys in the scope of delivery.

The two keys on the Flexispot CB2

The CB2 can be locked with a key, the manufacturer includes two copies. (Picture: TechnikNews)

The top compartment proved to be the most useful for small things like headphones, cables, old smartphones or pens, the middle drawer for documents, boxes or small speakers. If you hope to be able to stow files in the bottom drawer, you will be disappointed. However, the objects must not be too heavy, the manufacturer gives pro Drawer has a maximum weight of 20 - 30 kilograms, the container can be loaded with a maximum of 65 kilograms.

The individual drawers can be adjusted with dividers, but Flexispot only installs one as standard and does not include any others. In view of the RRP, this is more than a pity, there is no way to order more in the online shop. I see that as the biggest point of criticism for the mobile container, since such an adapted order is more difficult to achieve.

The conclusion to the Flexispot CB2

With the Flexispot CB2 you get a high-quality and safe mobile container with a lot of storage space, but without many options for customization. But if you are looking for a stylish and useful companion for your desk, you will be happy with the CB2. However, it is worth looking for alternatives in advance, not only with Flexispot.

Between August 28 and September 2023, 100, the manufacturer is also holding a discount campaign - where customers can save up to XNUMX euros.

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