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FlexiSpot E7 Pro review: Height-adjustable premium desk

FlexiSpot E7 Pro Post image
Image: FlexiSpot
(Post picture: © 2024 FlexiSpot)

We have already tested 4 height-adjustable desks from FlexiSpot. Now it's time for the E7 Pro another one in this series. We tested the desk for a month and can give you our impressions and the usefulness of electric desks.

tl; dr

The table makes a rock-solid impression. The workmanship quality is as good as expected and you can say: something was put into development. The C-shape of the feet provides more space under the desk and 4 additional screw-on circular feet under the feet ensure that inequalities in the floor are compensated for. The motors are quiet and responsive, both of which are also characteristics of the touch control panel. The many measures for easy installation and the accessories for cable management also pay off. You can get the electric frame for 529,99 euros if you want to assemble your own table top. The white chipboard table top measuring 209,99 x 200 cm is also available for an additional 80 euros. I think the price is justified for what is offered and the 10-year guarantee shows that FlexiSpot is also fully behind theirs Products stands.


The hard facts about the E7 Pro

Model:FlexiSpot E7 Pro
Lifting columns / motor:3-stage model, 2 motors
Load capacity / speed:160kg, 40mm/s
Minimum/Maximum Height:63,5 - 128,5 cm
Table top size:200x80 inch
Anti-collision system:Ja
Parental control:Ja
Memory control:Ja
Connections:1 x USB-A
Frame colors / plate colors:Know white

Construction and processing

Like most models with an exclusive table top, the E7 also comes Pro delivered in 2 packages. In one there are the almost 40 kilogram table legs and accessories and in the other there is the table top alone. FlexiSpot can definitely offer beginner-friendly setup. Illustrated assembly instructions are included and most of the holes in the table top are already neatly pre-drilled. The cabling of the two lifting columns and the control panel is also simple thanks to the labeling and the precisely fitting cables. Depending on the size of the table top, you may have to drill a few holes yourself. Holes also need to be drilled for the cable duct. My tip here is to consider beforehand whether a monitor holder should be used and the channel should therefore be placed further in the middle of the table. Ultimately, you can say that nothing can go wrong when assembling it, which takes a good hour. However, I would recommend doing it with two people, as turning the table over is easier with the legs fully assembled.

FlexiSpot E7 Pro Controller

Picture: TechnikNews

There is nothing to complain about when it comes to the workmanship of the table. There were no paint chips or manufacturing defects on either the feet, the frame or the table top. The instructions are also clearly printed. If you prefer an explanatory video for assembly, we recommend the following video from FlexiSpot DE.

Operation/equipment of the FlexiSpot E7 Pro

The Pro The E7 model comes with the premium control panel. It offers 4 individually adjustable macros with which a specific height can be called up at the push of a button, as well as a USB-A charging port, a child lock and a display with millimeter precision. The height of the table can be adjusted from 63,5 cm to 128,5 cm using the arrow keys. This happens at a speed of 49 millimeters pro second and at a maximum volume of 55 decibels. The furnishings are very lavish. In addition to all the screws you need to assemble, reusable Velcro cable ties, a rubber cable holder with an adhesive surface already attached, a multi-tool, a cable channel and a magnetic cover for cable management are also included. You can see that easy installation and good cable management are just as important to FlexiSpot as they are to consumers.

Why the height adjustment?

A height-adjustable desk offers ergonomic advantages as it allows it to be adjusted to individual needs and makes it easier to switch between sitting and standing. The ability to alternate between sitting and standing improves blood circulation, increases energy and promotes concentration. Height adjustment is also particularly useful if several people use the same desk. It also saves space compared to separate desks for sitting and standing. Overall, a height-adjustable desk is a worthwhile investment for those who value a healthy workplace.

FlexiSpot E7 Pro buy cheap

The manufacturer often offers a discount campaign, so you rarely have to pay the RRP. At the moment there is an 24% discount at the start of the semester for all students with the code “SB8”. Aside from the discount campaign, you can currently even do it yourself Probecome a product tester. Further information about testing and general sales can be found by clicking on the graphic below.

FlexiSpot Proproduct tester campaign

Image: FlexiSpot

Many thanks to FlexiSpot for providing the E7 Pro to test this. This did not influence our opinion!

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