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Flexispot EF1 review: What good is the height-adjustable desk?

Flexispot EF1 cover picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

Working in the home office can become exhausting over the long term, the fact that so many people sit was particularly annoying to me. So I looked around for height-adjustable desks. Many colleagues recommended the company Flexispot to me, and they also made their EF1 available to me for this test. The Flexispot EF1 promises a lot for little money. You can read how the desk is doing in this review.

Who is Flexispot?

Unlike many smartphone or headphone manufacturers, I didn't know the Flexispot company before. After a few Google searches you will find the most important facts. Headquarters in Cologne, manufacturer of desks and accessories. The website advertises a lot with health and ergonomics. The strangest Product? They also offer a bicycle chair. What isn't there.

Packaging and construction

The Flexispot EF1 is delivered in two packages. In one is the frame, in the other the table top. This can be individualized when buying, as can the color of the frame. Everything is included for the assembly, the screws are sorted in alphabetical order. It can be built up relatively quickly (approx. 1 hour to 90 minutes), but requires full concentration. The two feet are screwed together, connected to the crossbar and then the plate is screwed on. The EF-1 version does not have pre-drilled holes everywhere. Last but not least, the desk is wired to provide power to the motor.


When ordering, three different operating elements can be selected. The standard element can only move the desk up or down, my version has a display and four additional buttons. The four buttons are for your own heights, which can be read on the display. Once the desired height has been reached, the height can be set to the quick assignment by pressing and holding the button. I personally put my “seat” and my “standing” height on the keys.

Flexispot EF1 operation

My version has four buttons, two more for height adjustment and a small display (picture: TechnikNews)

The "dry facts" about the EF1

FlexiSpot offers many desks, my EF1 model is 140 cm wide and 70 cm deep. The desk can, however, be raised to a maximum height of 120 cm. The maximum load is 70 kilos, the weight of the frame itself is approx. 20 kilos. There is a motor that can raise the desk and the colors of the frame are black, white or gray. If you spend a little more money on the EZ1 version, you will get an "anti-collision system", a child safety device and a touchscreen keyboard. The manufacturer gives a 5-year guarantee on the frame and 3 years on the motor.

Flexispot EF1 specs

Flexispot offers a variety of height-adjustable desks. (Image: Flexispot)

Everyday test: How does the desk change my work?

I used the desk for work for three weeks, alternating with my old desk. my biggest Proproblem was the place. For most, the disk will be perfectly adequate as many have switched from desktop PCs to laptops. This is simply more mobile and if you need a large screen, you can put a USB-C monitor next to the laptop. But I have three monitors. Yes, that's a lot, but sometimes I do a lot at the same time and actually need it. Reading a chat, the web browser on the other and my writing in the middleprograms. So I switched to a laptop, which only worked "okay" for me. Yes, there are also monitor holders, but my models are too old for that.

Getting up in between was very refreshing. Man became much more creative and backproI didn't feel any trouble during the weeks either. When I switched back to my old desk, I really missed the function. Especially for video calls (especially longer ones) it is a must for me.

Who do I recommend a height-adjustable desk to?

For me to all people who like to work with laptops and monitors and that too a lot. Also to children who do a lot of homework and where the desk can "grow" with them. Flexispot offers a cost-effective solution with an RRP of 229 euros for the frame (without plate) and approx. 250-330 (depending on the plate).

Flexispot EF1 everyday

The Flexispot EF1 could not replace my desk because of the size of the plate, but is ideal for many others (picture: TechnikNews)

You can use the desk here Kaufen.

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