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Flexispot Q8 review: Height-adjustable desk with extras

Flexispot Q8 cover photo
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2023 TechnikNews)

With the Q8, the company "Flexispot" has brought a height-adjustable desk with a few extras onto the market. We tested it for you in everyday life. 

In the past we have met again and again Proproducts from Flexispot, which are now available for your home officeProproducts have become known. These usually offer good value for money and a large selection Products.

The “dry facts” about the Q8

Model:Flexispot Q8
Lifting columns / engine3-stage model, 2 motors
payload / speed100KG / 38mm/s
Minimum / Maximum height60 cm - 124 cm
Weight of tableKG 58
size of the tabletop140x70 inch
Anti-collision systemJa
Connections1 x USB-A / 1 x USB-C
Frame colors / top colorsBlack, white / bamboo (light / dark)
4 memory controlsJa

Construction and processing

Flexispot Q8 structure

The Flexispot Q8 is delivered in two boxes (Image: TechnikNews)

The Q8 comes in two packages. In one is the table top, in the other the frame. A metal frame is already pre-assembled under the plate, in which the cable layers and the motors are located. Set-up is quick, but I would recommend at least two people as the table top is hardly portable on its own. In the frame you connect the two lifting columns and the power supply to the control unit and connect them to the power supply. You fix the columns with four screws, tools are included in the scope of delivery, then the feet have to be screwed on and the cable duct clamped. Flexispot summarizes the structure again in a video. Even someone like me with two left hands can do it with a second person in a maximum of 45 minutes.

Operation/equipment of the Flexispot Q8

The Flexispot Q8 is controlled via a control terminal which has six buttons and a screen. In addition to an up arrow key and a down arrow key, there are four number keys on which selected heights can be saved and called up. Next to the buttons there is a USB-A and a USB-C port. Unfortunately, these only charge with 18/45 watts, which is enough for small devices but cannot replace the MacBook charging port.

Flexispot Q8 buttons

The desk has six keys, four of which are freely assignable. (Picture: TechnikNews)

On the right side of the plate there is another area for (maximum 10 watts) wireless charging, which is marked with a sticker. This is a good place to charge your smartphone for longer working days, but since I want to have incoming notifications “before my tasks”, I put my wireless charger on the table. In addition, the tabletop becomes very warm when it is loaded and if you want to use the entire surface of the tabletop, the loading area is quickly covered.

The Flexispot Q8 in everyday testing

After a year without an adjustable desk, I realized how much I missed it. The table adjusts quietly and reliably, and the anti-collision system prevents the table from hitting my desk chair. Unfortunately, the number keys are not physically depressible, only "touchpads". This means that it sometimes takes multiple attempts to select the default height.

Under the table there is an area in which a power strip can be placed. This means that even shorter cables can be lifted to a height of one meter without the devices falling off the table. There is a small drawer in the desk, which is located to the left of the control terminal. At 5 centimeters high, it is not particularly large, so that more than a thin keyboard does not fit in the drawer. This has resistance (so it's hard to damage) but no "pull" mechanism.

I liked the Flexispot Q8 review and can warmly recommend the table, the manufacturer also has discount campaigns from time to time, so you rarely have to pay the RRP of €699. But if you can also do without wireless charging or ports, there are cheaper options, not only from Flexispot (the market is big). There are currently up to 35 for students Procent discount.

Buy the Flexispot Q8

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