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Google Nest Doorbell review

Google Nest Doorbell featured image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

After I told you at the beginning of the week the Nest Cam had introduced, today it will be about the Google Nest Doorbell. I was able to find out if it's worth your money.

Google's Nest range is known to include smart homeProThe company's products include thermostats, wireless routers, smoke detectors, smart displays, and also the Nest Cam I tested. The round will be complete with the one just presented Nest doorbell. You can find out what this can do in this review.

Unboxing and initial setup

The Nest Doorbell comes in a compact, white cardboard box. This includes the doorbell, instructions, a USB-C cable for charging and all the utensils necessary for assembly. In addition, there is a sticker that is intended to inform strangers that a camera is installed in the doorbell.

Google Nest Doorbell unboxing

These things are hidden in the small packaging. (Image: TechnikNews)

You have to set up the device in the Google Home app before using it, which is again a bit more extensive. But you get good through the Proprocess led. The start is via the home page of the setupproprocess and select a home. The app then searches for available devices, whereby "doorbell" must always be selected as the device in the subsequent view. There it should be noted that it is the "Nest Doorbell (with battery)". When this step is ticked, scan the QR code on the back and set a room where the doorbell is located.

Then you have to choose which type of power supply you want to use, you can choose between the battery and the connecting wires. I will clarify what the difference between the two variants is in the further course of the report. Then follow the installation instructions and adjust the direction of the doorbell. For those cases where the viewing angle of the camera is not satisfactory, Google provides a wedge that allows more flexible adjustment of the position.

Finally, only the video recording, the audio recording and the microphone as well as the notifications of new visitors need to be activated.

Design and workmanship

At first glance, it is immediately clear that the Nest Doorbell is a Proproduct of Google. The design is very similar to the Nest Cam. We have a block of white plastic that has a camera and microphone embedded at the top and a bell button at the bottom. In the middle we only find a decent Google logo. All connections are hidden on the back. In addition to a USB-C connector, you will find the screws for connecting to the power wires of an existing doorbell system. The connection via this has two advantages. You don't always have to remove the bell to charge it and the existing bell will also ring. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to be connected to the Home app.

Google Nest Doorbell connectors

All connections were hidden on the back. (Image: TechnikNews)

The processing is on a very high level. Nothing crunches and the glass that protects the lens stayed with me without scratches. The only thing I noticed was that the doorbell button, especially on the sides, had a somewhat strange pressure point. The Nest Doorbell is also rain and snow resistant. So you don't have to make sure that the camera is protected in these weather conditions and it doesn't matter if you don't have a canopy in front of your front door.

Google Nest Doorbell bell button

I was not satisfied with the way the bell button was processed. (Image: TechnikNews)

In addition to the microphone, Google again integrated a loudspeaker. The whole thing is used, among other things, when you are not at home and would like to speak on the doorbell. I was always able to understand the person opposite, as long as the distance to the device did not increase dramatically. Then the voice quickly became quieter. But you can even be heard clearly through the loudspeakers.

Google Nest Doorbell camera lens

Picture: TechnikNews

Camera specs and experience

Google built a 1,3 megapixel camera with six times digital zoom into the Nest Doorbell. This can record everything at an angle of 145 degrees, and thanks to the night vision mode you can see everything up to three meters even in the dark. The videos that the camera records are all very clear and also less blurry than with the Nest Cam. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement. Even with the night vision mode you can see everything clearly and thanks to the wide angle you can keep an eye on everything.

The main function of the Nest Doorbell in detail

So what happens if someone rings the doorbell? In any case, you will get a notification on connected smartphones and tablets. If you have a smart display or a speaker with the Google Assistant, these are also noticeable. In addition, the doorbell will sound if the Google Nest Doorbell is connected to the power wires.

The doorbell also recognizes events, as we already saw with the cam. One event is the detection of people, packages, animals or vehicles. If this occurs, you will also receive a notification on your mobile device. Individual event types and messages can also be deactivated via the Google Home app. So that an event is not always triggered, the doorbell can also remember people, animals and vehicles.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to see what the doorbell is seeing and hearing. The material is transmitted in real time and, thanks to the loudspeaker, announcements can also be made.

The event history can be seen in the home app. There you will also find all the important settings for the Nest Doorbell.

Prices and availability

You can buy the Google Nest Doorbell in the Google Store. There it costs 199,99 euros (RRP).

Google Nest Doorbell: Conclusion

The Google Nest Doorbell is very easy to use and thanks to the video instructions in the app, installation is easyprocess very easily. Because you can not only use your smartphone, but also other Google Smart HomeProducts, you get a notification, you can't ignore it when it rings. It is also helpful to be able to connect to the existing doorbell system, since the connection to the home app is not absolutely necessary. I also liked the simple design and the reliable detection of events.

Google Nest Doorbell

Picture: TechnikNews

My points of criticism: The pressure point of the bell button could be better, the quality of the microphone is rather poor and for the price the picture quality has to be top, which unfortunately is not the case.

So who is the Google Nest Doorbell for? In my opinion, especially for people who are already in the ecosystem. In addition, that is correct Product to everyone who expects easy operation.

Thank you for providing the Nest Doorbell.

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