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Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro review: first impression, unboxing, differences

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing
Image: © 2021 TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 © 2021 TechnikNews)

A few days ago, Google released the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro presented. Both devices have now reached us after a bit of a wait - and we already have Google's top smartphones here in the first impression and unboxing. We also clarify the differences and give food for thought as to which of the two models might suit you better when buying.

What is immediately noticeable – Google finally wants to measure itself against the competition this year. So far there have been smartphones with excellent value for money, but the overall package has usually not been at the level of Apple or Samsung. That's what you want with the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro change now. In addition, both devices contain the in-house "Google Tensor"Proprocessor made in collaboration with Samsung. Hardware and software from our own house - we know it and know that it is a great combination: Apple.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro unpacked

The packaging contents are identical for both devices - so we will summarize the unboxing here. The color of the packaging is already based on the color of the smartphone. So comes the Pixel 6 itself and the packaging here in chic "Sorta Seafoam" and the Pixel 6 Pro presents itself in elegant "Cloudy White". After lifting the lid, the new back with the wide camera bar comes towards you. You have to like it or you hate it - we will explain how this is noticeable in everyday life in a later, detailed test here TechnikNews.

The package also includes a quick start guide including a SIM needle, and there is also a USB-C to USB-C charger. The usual USB-A to USB-C adapter is included again this year. The power supply has said goodbye and had to give way, as is the case with most manufacturers. Alternatively, you can buy a 30 watt power supply with PPS standard (Programmable power supply) so that fast charging also works. PD, i.e. Power Delivery, delivers for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro not the power needed for fast charging.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing

Image: © 2021 TechnikNews

The first impression

Wow, so nice - shot in the head right after the first unpacking. So far I had doubts whether I would like the new design, after all I was dated Google Pixel 5 used to a "classic" camera arrangement. Nevertheless, I miss the perfect, symmetrical display shape of the predecessor. Everything is a bit squarer on the Pixel 6, on the Pixel 6 Pro rounded at the edge – but it no longer looks like the Pixel 5 from a single source. The new glass back makes both smartphones look much more elegant, but they slip out of your hand pretty quickly. A protective cover is definitely recommended to all buyers. This can be ordered from Google for a price of 29 euros.

Even though the Pixel 6 Pro With its 6,7 inches compared to the 6,4-inch Pixel 6, the more expensive model feels a lot better in the hand. Rounded corners are much easier to grip with the hand and are simply smoother. Nevertheless, the days of one-handed operation and easy access to the status bar for smaller hands should be history. With the Pixel 6, the upper edge of the screen can still be reached without effort for me, with the Pro-You almost have to change your hands about the model.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing

Image: © 2021 TechnikNews

One thing is noticeable in the processing of the two devices. The power button, the volume rocker and the frame are made of plastic on the Pixel 6 and on the Pixel 6 Pro made of metal. The click acts on Pro so much higher quality. The camera bar on the more expensive flagship is also a little further down compared to its brother, which fits the design a little better.

Unfortunately, I am currently of the battery life, charging time and the Processor disappointed. Even if the system runs buttery smooth, the Prozessor is doing a good job in the background, both smartphones get warm even after a short use and the battery is empty in less than four hours of display time. Pixel 6 takes time to charge Pro over two hours (on fast charge, mind you), slightly less on the Pixel 6. Hopefully this will get even better.

Differences: Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro Want to buy

Since there is no longer one model, but the standard version also has one Proversion aside, this decision is not easy. When it comes to the technical data, both smartphones are pretty much in agreement – ​​there are discrepancies in the display, camera and battery. So you can zoom up to seven times with the Pixel 6, for more money Pro up to twentyfold. First of all - the first zoom comparison between Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro the Google model far surpasses the Apple device. A detailed comparison will be available here in a few weeks TechnikNews consequences.

Let's talk about the second major difference - the display with 60 or 120 Hz. In the first few moments with both smartphones, I didn't notice this difference. Furthermore, the size of the display should also be a reason for many to choose the larger or smaller model. Whether the differences in the battery capacity (5.003 vs 4.614 mAh) are marginal or striking, we will explain in a few weeks TechnikNews Clarify the test report in more detail.

Currently, the price difference of 649 euros (Pixel 6) and 899 euros (Pixel 6 Pro) do not yet justify the really "bigger" differences such as the telephoto lens and 120 Hz. In addition - the disadvantage for me - that due to the nobler processing, the Pixel 6 Pro is a bit heavier. I would have the equipment of the Pixel 6, so to speak Pro in the guise of the Pixel 6, even if the design of the Pixel 6 Pro like more. Will I still share this opinion in a few weeks? Relationship status: It's complicated.

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