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Google Pixel Watch review: unpacking, setting up and first conclusion

Google Pixel Watch review first impression
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

Next to the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Google also launched the Pixel Watch. In the meantime, the first smartwatch from Google has reached us - and we are curious to see how the watch performs in everyday life. In this article we unpack the Pixel Watch together, set it up and give our first impression.

A smartwatch is nothing new anymore, but a smartwatch from Google is. The Google Pixel Watch has been rumored for years, and now it's really here. As part of a presentation event, Google has finally revealed. Along with the Pixel 7 Pro, which we here already had in the unboxing and first impression, let's take a closer look at the Pixel Watch here.

Unpack the Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch review unboxing

Picture: TechnikNews

The Google-typical packaging can also be seen on the Pixel Watch. The smartwatch is printed on the top in the color selected at the time of purchase. Otherwise, the small box also contains a charging cable with a charging cradle on one side and a USB-C port on the other. To compensate for the different arm sizes, a size S bracelet (for wrists with a circumference of 130-175 mm) is also included. This can easily be replaced with the standard fixed L-bracelet (for wrists with a circumference of 165-210 mm). Unless otherwise selected at the time of purchase, the strap typically provided is a fluoroelastomer sport strap. More bracelets are in Google Store .

Set up Google Pixel Watch

After switching on the watch and bringing a Pixel smartphone close by, the Google Pixel Watch is found immediately thanks to quick pairing and pops up on the display. The smartwatch is then paired with the smartphone. In order to continue with the setup, however, the new watch app from the Google Play Store is required. Incidentally, the watch is not compatible with iOS, but only with Android devices with version 8.0 or higher. With regard to transmission, only Bluetooth 5.0 or – depending on the variant – Bluetooth + LTE is used. With the latter, the smartphone does not need to be nearby. Notifications are transmitted from the smartphone to the clock or in the other direction using Google Cloud Sync via WLAN or LTE, regardless of location.

The last step is usually a software update. Then, after a short tutorial, Watchface can be set up and further settings can be made in the app or on the watch. In order to be able to use all fitness functions, the Fitbit app must also be loaded and the account linked. To do this, simply open the Fitbit app on the watch and click on connect account. The further coupling process is carried out via the smartphone directly in the app.

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free of charge
Developer: Fitbit LLC
Price: Free of charge

Preliminary conclusion: Too expensive for the price?

The Pixel Watch is something new, not only for Google, but also for me. I have never worn such a small smartwatch, which is also really light at the same time. If you like this unobtrusive design, you will enjoy it - I like it. For others, on the other hand, the smartwatch could be too small for larger arms. The display is rounded on the outside, which results in a thick display edge. A lot of space is lost here and long texts have to be scrolled quite far. However, it can be assumed that Google will accept this Proproblem is known and will be corrected in the successor. However, this is not disturbing, since all menus and surfaces next to the text always have a black background color and the border is therefore invisible.

Google Pixel Watch Test Display Edge

The edge of the Google Pixel Watch's display is thick, but is hardly noticeable in the software due to the black background. (Picture: TechnikNews)

Otherwise, the operation runs smoothly, the integration with Pixel smartphones works wonderfully. We will test how the Pixel Watch behaves with other Android smartphones. The heart rate monitor works reliably, the tracked number of steps seems a bit too high to me. Only the long charging time of over an hour and short battery life is a no-go and not okay for this price. After all, the Pixel Watch costs 379 euros in the Bluetooth version and 429 euros in the Bluetooth + LTE version. Here a battery life at 8 o'clock with 100 Procent charge and in the evening at 20 p.m. only 20 Proto deliver cents is not enough. Without training tracking, without GPS, without LTE, but permanent Bluetooth connection to the smartphone - noted for the sake of completeness.

Mixed feelings remain.

We will test further details and a final conclusion will appear here in the upcoming test report in a few weeks TechnikNews.

Buy Google Pixel Watch

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