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InfinityLab InstantGo 10000 Wireless review: Environmentally friendly power bank with wireless charging

InfinityLab InstantGo 10000 Wireless cover photo
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

The InfinityLab InstantGo 10000 Wireless is an environmentally friendly power bank from the new Harman subsidiary InfinityLab. We have tested them extensively for you.

The InstantGo 10000 Wireless is one of the first ProProducts from the new company InfinityLab, which pays great attention to environmental friendliness. You can read below how the power bank performed in my detailed test and whether I can recommend it for a price of 80 euros.

Unboxing & scope of delivery

InfinityLab InstantGo 10000 Wireless scope of delivery

Picture: TechnikNews

On the packaging of the power bank you can see directly that attention has been paid to the environment, as it is made entirely of cardboard and you will not find any plastic. In addition to the power bank itself, the scope of delivery only includes a USB-A to USB-C cable, which is used to charge the power bank and the usual paperwork.

Design & processing

I really like the design of the power bankprochen well. Due to the dimensions of 145,6 millimeters in length, 75 millimeters in width and 19 millimeters in depth, the power bank is still one of the most compact of its kind. With a weight of 250 grams, the power bank is not really heavy, which I like . The power bank is made of recycled plastic, which is slightly rubberized on the top and bottom, which is why it does not slip directly on smooth surfaces. On the front side there is a button, the 4 LEDs for the battery level indicator and the two USB charging ports. On the right is an LED that lights up when a device is charging wirelessly. The power bank is outproThey are well made, which is to be expected for the price.

Charge the battery

The power bank has a battery capacity of 10.000 mAh, which was always enough for my use. Once the power bank is empty, it can be recharged in 4 hours via the built-in USB-C port, which is average for power banks with this battery size. In order to charge other devices, the power bank offers a USB-A connection with a maximum output power of 15 watts as well as a USB-C connection, which has a maximum output power of 30 watts. Devices with up to 10 watts can be recharged wirelessly on the top of the power bank.

Instant Connect cable

InfinityLab also kindly sent me the right charging cable for the power bank, which, like the power bank itself, is also delivered in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. The cables are made from recycled plastic and are relatively flexible, so there is no need to worry about the longevity of the cables. The length of the cable is specified as 1,5 meters, which was always enough for me. They support high charging speeds of up to 100 watts for the USB-C to USB-C model and are also suitable for data transfer at the same time. I think it's really good that the versions with a Lightning connector even have a "Made for iPhone | iPad | iPod” certification from Apple. Overall, I really liked the cables, which is why I can definitely recommend them.

Prices & Availability

The power bank currently costs 80 euros, which is not exactly cheap, but not too expensive either. You can order them from the official InfinityLab website:

InfinityLab's InstantConnect charging cables cost between 15 and 25 euros, depending on the connections. I think these prices are really fair for the quality offered. You can also order the cables on the official InfinityLab website:


Overall, my conclusion is quite positive, because I really liked the InstantGo 10000 Wireless. I think the processing quality is pretty good and the design also appeals to me. I also think it's good that recycled plastic is used and that you're doing something good for the environment. The battery capacity of 10.000 mAh was always sufficient for everyday use. My favorite feature of the power bank is the ability to wirelessly recharge devices like my smartphone or my headphones on the top. The two USB ports and their charging speed were always sufficient for me. The only small drawback of the power bank is the somewhat high price of 80 euros. All in all, I can definitely recommend the power bank because it convinced me with features such as wireless charging or 30 watt fast charging.

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Jonas Wilhelm

Jonas lives near Ingolstadt and has been with us for over a year TechnikNews. He regularly writes test reports and news for the site. In his free time, he likes to find out about the latest technology when he's not listening to music too loudly or watching series. He also often meets up with his friends and enjoys cooking.

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