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JBL Live Pro 2 TWS review: The best overall package up to 150 euros?

JBL Live Pro 2 cover picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2023 TechnikNews)

With the JBL Live Pro 2, JBL will have the successor to the popular JBL Live at the end of 2022 Pro+ featured. In the last few months we have extensively tested the new headphones from the popular Live series for you.

How the JBL Live Pro 2 have beaten in everyday life in the last few months and whether I can recommend them for a price of around 130 euros, you can read below.

tl; dr

The JBL Live Pro 2 are great headphones with no major weaknesses. The sound is at a high level and offers a lot of bass, which is typical for JBL, which many people should like. The active noise suppression, which I really liked, is also at a high level. In addition to the good sound and the good ANC, the headphones can also score with me with a good battery life and a chic design. The wearing comfort of the Live is also very good pro 2. Operation via the headphones themselves and via the JBL Headphones app always worked well, provided they were recognized in the app.

For a price of around 130 euros, I can recommend the headphones to most people without hesitation. The overall package is just right here and convinced me. You can use the JBL Live Pro 2 for a price of 130 euros at JBL, MediaMarkt, Saturn or Amazon.

What's in the box

On the compact packaging of the headphones are the JBL Live Pro 2 itself and its most important functions. In addition to the headphones themselves, the scope of delivery also includes a USB-C cable and other silicone attachment sizes. A quick start guide and the usual paperwork is of course also included.

Design & processing

The design of the headphones is very stylish and chic. Weighing 4,8 grams pro Headphones, the headphones are nice and light and sit comfortably in the ear. The weight of the charging box is also quite light at 48,4 grams. Thanks to its compact size, it also fits in any trouser pocket, which is really nice. The headphones are almost entirely made of plastic, which is mostly matte, only the touch-sensitive bars for controlling the media are made of glossy plastic, which is unfortunately very susceptible to fingerprints. They are also protected against the ingress of water and sweat with IPX5, which is why you can wear them in the rain or even during sports.

JBL Live Pro 2 headphones

Picture: TechnikNews

The charging case is also made of matte plastic, so it's not really prone to scratches and fingerprints. There are three LEDs on the front of the charging case that indicate the battery level. The magnets in the charging box are very strong, which is why both the headphones and the lid are held in place well. Everything is very high quality and stable, which I really liked.

Operation & comfort

For operating the Live Pro there is a touch field on both headphones, which can be used to control the noise suppression modes or media playback. Out of the box, the controls for the noise-cancelling modes are set on the left, and the controls for media playback are on the right. For most users, including me, the default setting is a good choice. If you touch the touch surface for about 3 seconds, the smartphone's language assistant is triggered. JBL also offers the ability to use Alexa through the headphones, which could be a cool feature for some people who already use Alexa on a daily basis. However, the user can also use the JBL Headphones app to set which functions he would like to control on the left and which functions on the right headphone if he does not like the default setting.

The headphones also feature wearing detection, which automatically resumes or stops the music when you take the headphones on or off. Fortunately, the wearing comfort of the headphones is very high, as they are very light and sit well in the ear thanks to the silicone attachments. In addition to the pre-installed silicone attachments, the scope of delivery also includes 3 other sizes, since every user should have the right silicone attachment size in order to be able to wear the headphones comfortably.

Sound Quality, Adaptive ANC & Transparency Modes

The JBL Live Pro 2 offer a total of two 11 millimeter drivers, which can reproduce frequencies in a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Unfortunately, the highs are not quite as balanced as the mids and lows, which only slightly damages the overall sound. The sound of the headphones is really good and also offers a lot of bass, which is typical for JBL, which is why the Live Pro 2 were able to completely convince me in terms of sound.

The headphones also offer adaptive noise cancellation, which is a really cool feature of the Live Pro 2 is This ensures that the ANC is always adjusted to the ambient volume, which worked just as well as with the JBL Live 660 NC that I have already tested. Overall, I really liked the noise cancellation again. It filters out most of the annoying noise, which has always worked well. Only extremely loud or high noises can't be filtered out by the headphones, which I don't think is really bad in this price range. The Live Pro 2 also have 2 different transparency modes, which are called "Ambient Aware" and "TalkThru". Ambient Aware mode is a classic transparency mode that lets the user hear the surroundings and worked well. "TalkThru" is the name of the second transparency mode, which emphasizes voices, reduces background noise and makes the music much quieter, which also worked well and is suitable for conversations.

Charge the battery

The headphones' battery life is around 6 hours with adaptive noise cancellation enabled, which is a pretty good figure. I also really like the battery life of the Live Pro 2 without noise cancellation enabled as it's quite long at around 10 hours. With the charging case, the headphones can be fully charged another 3 times before you have to charge the case again. Once empty, it can be recharged via USB-C with the included cable in just over 2 hours. I find it very nice that the case can also be charged wirelessly, which means that it takes about twice as long to charge as with a cable.

JBL Headphones app

JBL Live Pro 2 App

Screenshot: JBL Headphones app

As with most current headphones, JBL also offers a very good app with many functions for the headphones with the JBL Headphones app, which I really liked. The JBL Headphones app can be used, for example, to control the noise suppression modes or to customize the control gestures. The app also has a well-implemented equalizer that the user can use to adjust the sound of the headphones to their personal taste, or set one of the pre-made equalizers. Another cool feature of the app is the ear canal test, which allows the headphones to measure the ear canal and adjust the sound to the user. Via a fit test to determine the correct silicone attachment size. Unfortunately, the headphones were sometimes not recognized by the app, so I had to reconnect them.

Prices and availability

The JBL Live Pro 2 have come onto the market at a recommended retail price of 150 euros, which, however, they cost no more. The headphones now only cost around 130 euros, as they have fallen in price a bit. You can buy them at MediaMarkt, Saturn, Amazon or simply directly from JBL:

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Jonas Wilhelm

Jonas lives near Ingolstadt and is new to Techniknews. In his free time, he always finds out about the latest technology when he's not watching TV or listening to music.

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