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macOS Ventura Public Beta: Our first impression

Apple macOS Ventura Preview
Image: Apple
(Post image: © 2022 Apple)

At WWDC 2022 Apple has its latest Mac operating system macOS is coming presented. We could see the various innovationsprobeer

The first macOS Ventura public beta was recently released. We took a closer look at these.

Internship Manager

With Stage Manager, Apple has introduced a new tool that is supposed to improve multitasking. The user switches the Stage Manager on and off via the control center. It ensures that the inactive apps are listed in thumbnails on the left side of the home screen so that the user can focus on the app he is currently working with. The Stage Manager is still very jerky in the beta and the animations are often not smooth.

Apple macOS Ventura Stage Manager

Image: Apple

System Settings

With macOS Ventura, Apple has completely redesigned the system settings. They are now visually similar to the iPadOS settings and are therefore much clearer and tidier. You now have a sidebar for easier navigation.

Apple macOS Ventura System Settings

Image: Apple

Camera Handover (Continuity Camera)

Another innovation is that users can now use their iPhone's camera and microphone on the Mac as a webcam replacement. The desktop view is also a new feature. It shows the user's desk via the iPhone's ultra wide-angle camera. This is particularly useful in video conferences, since the Mac's webcam is significantly worse than the iPhone's camera. This function works quite well and the connection is very stable.

Spotlight search

The Spotlight search also got a few new features. With Spotlight, the user can now search for images by searching for places, scenes, or even things on them. In addition, the user can now perform quick actions such as searching for a song, setting an alarm or activating a focus via Spotlight.

Apple macOS Ventura Spotlight

Image: Apple


Like the iPhone, the Mac is now getting the new features of the Messages app. This includes recalling a message, marking it as unread or allowing the user to edit messages. The catch is that this only works if everyone in the chat is on the beta of iOS 16, iPad OS 16, watchOS 9 or macOS Ventura.

iOS 16 iMessage

Image: Apple


Safari has received only small innovations. User can now share tab groups with his friends. Also new is that the Safari extensions sync across all Apple devices and that the user can now translate text from images on websites.

pass keys

Apple is also introducing Ventura Passkeys with macOS. Passkeys replace passwords with a simpler and more secure sign-in method that works with Touch ID or Face ID.

Shared iCloud Photo Library

With the new shared iCloud photo library, the user can share photos with up to five people, which can be added manually. Otherwise, you can also choose to include all photos with a certain date or certain people in the album.

iCloud Shared Photo library

Image: Apple


Handoff now switches the active FaceTime call back and forth between a Mac, an iPad, and an iPhone. If a Bluetooth headset is connected, this changes with it.


The macOS Ventura Beta is still quite unstable and contains many bugs that will probably be fixed with the upcoming updates. Before installing the beta, you have to be clear about whether you really want to accept these errors.

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