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Master & Dynamic MW65 ANC review: the inconspicuous audioking?

Master & Dynamic featured image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2019 TechnikNews)

The name Master & Dynamic is not that well known in the market yet. But I was allowed to test the Master & Dynamic MW65 for a month. And can tell you: open your ears!

Names like Sony, Beats or Bose are widespread on the market. But wrongly, Master & Dynamic appears less often than the well-known companies. Because the US American manufacturer from New York has it all.

Workmanship and design: high quality and elegant at the same time

A glance at the packaging gives the impression of pure elegance and high quality right from the start. The MW65 is presented in full elegance on the front of the packaging. And that makes you want more.

If you open the box, you meet the star of the show - the MW65 ANC. The contents of the packaging are also an announcement to the competition!

Scope of delivery Master & Dynamic MW65

The scope of delivery of the MW65 is really proprofessionally equipped. from audioProf sharp to consumer (Image: TechnikNews)

A USB-A to USB-C adapter, AUX cable, USB-C to USB-C cable and a travel audio adapter are included, as well as a high-quality bag for safely transporting the over-ears are included and of course also the MW65 Wireless itself.

The workmanship of the headphones is extremely high quality, and you can feel that when you listen to it Proget your hands on. Noble as well as high-quality aluminum is used here all around. The top of the headphone is covered with thin rough leather on both sides, which feels and looks good.

Master & Dynamic MW65

The high-quality workmanship of the MW65 is immediately noticeable (picture: TechnikNews)

Comfortable seat with great sound!

The ear pads are very comfortable to wear on the ears without getting "tight". The temple is covered with high quality suede, which really feels very high quality.

Master & Dynamic temples

The hanger not only looks very elegant, it is also made of very high quality and contributes to a good wearing comfort. (Image: TechnikNews)

Now we come to the main topic of the ANC headphones - the sound.

What convinced me positively in everyday life was the good sound shift, which is shifted to different levels. Basses do not drown out and sound neutral, but still powerful. The sound quality was also very high and voices are clear and powerful in the ear.

ANC is also on board and can be set in two stages - low and high. Low is recommended for quieter environments and High for strolls through the city center, planes or trains, where a lot of noise could be generated. In my opinion, however, there were still negative things: The headphones cannot be folded up and are therefore bulky in pockets. The brackets shift slightly on both sides and you have to move them back into position occasionally.

I was also bothered by a slight creaking when going for a walk. The leather on the top was quite dusty after a few hours, which is not very annoying, but is still not always nice to look at. In addition, the ANC is susceptible to gusts of wind, which lead to strong noise in poor or windy weather and interfere with the enjoyment of music. This is because the noise canceling does not always completely filter the noise.

The look with timeless style

Master & Dynamic is from New York and works with fashion label Louis Vuitton. Therefore, the MW65 look really high quality and well thought-out, which gives the look of the headphones a timeless style.

Master & Dynamic MW65 case

The design comes from the collaboration with Louis Vuitton (Image: TechnikNews)

Flexible connection options - familiar use of the controls

Master & Dynamic has taken care of everything with this model. For example, they thought of USB-C to be able to recharge their headphones. This is clearly groundbreaking and future-proof. The AUX connection is for the proa must for professional audio users, because this is the only way to ensure lossless audio transmission. For those who value mobility, there is Bluetooth in the latest 5.0 standard.

What is really well built in are the controls such as the volume up and down buttons, because these are clearly palpable and unlikely to be missed. The power button is also ideal to use, as it acts as a slider and thus prevents unwanted contact. The ANC button is flat but prominently positioned on the surface and is therefore very easy to use. Switching between the two different modes is child's play and very practical.

Highly priced, but still a recommendation

Yes - the price of the MW 65 from Master & Dynamic is high, but the buyer receives an audio king for it. RRP it was originally around 499 euros, which you had to pay for the headphones. In the meantime, however, you pay around 350 euros for the cheapest offer.

The equipment, the optics, the processing quality and the sound are absolutely top class, which is why I can recommend the MW65 to everyone. from audioProfi to the normal music lover, everyone can enjoy themselves here.

So a hundred for meproCentige recommendation of the Master & Dynamic MW65 ANC!

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Kevin has already written 58 articles and left 6 comments.

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