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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 review: The perfect notebook with weaknesses

(Post picture: © 2020 TechnikNews)

Microsoft presented the Surface Laptop 2019 at the end of 3. In the past few weeks I was able to test the Laptop 3 for Business. In today's review, you can find out whether the Surface Laptop 3 can also convince review.

Design and workmanship

Microsoft relies on a consistently minimalist design language for the Surface Laptop 3 and is convincing on all levels. Microsoft tries to make the Laptop 3 appear as minimalistic as possible in all areas, so the speakers have been integrated into the keyboard in addition to the power button. On the outside, the Microsoft logo rounds off the picture appropriately. The minimalist design image is only slightly disturbed by the comparatively wide display bezels. On the other hand, the workmanship of the Surface Laptop 3 is completely convincing: Microsoft makes the device entirely from aluminum. Inaccuracies in processing, such as gaps, cannot be found on the Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 design

The Surface Laptop 3 not only looks really good, it is also well made. (Image: TechnikNews)

In terms of design and workmanship, the Surface Laptop 3 is currently one of the best devices you can get on the market. It is at least on a par with Apple's MacBooks, which are often seen as the benchmark in terms of design and workmanship.


Microsoft also remains true to its minimalist line with the connections: In addition to a USB-A, Microsoft only installs a USB-C connection. There is also a 3,5 mm jack plug for audio devices and the Surface Connector for charging. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not have an SD card port or other USB ports on the Surface Laptop 3.


Microsoft installs an excellent keyboard in the Surface Laptop 3. The short key travel leads to a great typing experience, so even writing longer texts is pleasant. It's even in the dark thanks to the three-level keyboard backlight proeasily possible to recognize all keys. In addition to the keyboard, the touchpad is also convincing. All movements are detected reliably and quickly, so there are never any delays.


Microsoft offers the Surface Laptop 3 in a 13,5 inch and a 15 inch version. The test device's 15-inch display is quite large and the resolution of 2496 x 1664 pixels is perfectly adequate. It is a pity that the built-in panel is not anti-reflective. But the color scheme can really convince. Colors are saturated and the contrasts in pictures also look very nice.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 display

The display in the Surface Laptop 3 is convincing. (Image: TechnikNews)

The notebook's aspect ratio is a bit unusual at first. Instead of a 16:9 display, Microsoft installs a panel with a 3:3 aspect ratio in the Surface Laptop 2. In everyday life, however, the aspect ratio of 3:2 offers some advantages compared to the classic 16:9. In height you have almost 19 Procent more space. This is quite pleasant, especially when surfing the web or in office applications. However, when watching films or editing videos, the wider picture format is somewhat missed.

Another unique feature of the Surface Laptop 3 is the touchscreen. Microsoft's decision to include a touchscreen in the Surface Laptop 3 seems to be extremely inconsistent, since the display on the Surface Laptop 3 is different from other Surface models.Proproducts (such as 2 Surface Book) cannot be folded or removed. For this reason, the device can really only be used as a notebook and not as a tablet. In some situations, however, the touchscreen is still very useful. In graphicproprograms, for example, much more precise inputs can be made by touch. The Surface Pen is also compatible with the Laptop 3.

Specs and performance

The tested business version can convince with its technical data. Microsoft installed as Proprocessor the Intel i7 1065G7, which has 4 cores and 8 threads. The RAM reviewed model is 16 GB and the SSD is 512 GB. Microsoft also offers many other equipment variants for the Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Specs

Picture: TechnikNews

3 Laptop SurfaceSurface Laptop 3 for Business
Display13,5 inch

15 inch

13,5 inch

15 inch


16 GB

8 GB

16 GB

32 GB (15 inch variant)

Storage (SSD)Intel i5-1035G7 (13,5 inch variant)

Intel i7-1065G7 (13,5 inch variant)

AMD Ryzen 5 3580U

AMD Ryzen 7 3780U

128 GB

256 GB

512 GB

1 TB

ProprocessorIntel i5-1035G7 (13,5 inch variant)

Intel i7-1065G7 (13,5 inch variant)

AMD Ryzen 5 3580U

AMD Ryzen 7 3780U

Intel i5-1035G7

Intel i7-1065G7

graphics unitIntel Iris Plus graphics (13,5 inch variant)

AMD Radeon Vega 9 (15 inch variant)

AMD Radeon RX Vega 11 (15 inch variant)

Intel Iris Plus graphics

Everyday tasks, such as office applications or surfing, are not possible for the Surface Laptop 3 Proproblem Long loading times or delays are therefore almost never encountered. Also image editing or simple video editing with Photoshop or Premiere Pro do not provide for the Surface Laptop 3 Proproblem

When working with the Surface Laptop 3, it is also advantageous that the fans only turn up slightly both under normal load and under full load. As a result, the device always remains pleasantly quiet in everyday life. However, the bottom of the notebook warms up noticeably during light everyday tasks.


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 battery

Picture: TechnikNews

The battery in the Surface Laptop 3 is relatively small at 45,8 watt hours. The battery life is accordingly below average. The battery lasts for a few hours with light tasks, such as office or surfing, but as soon as more demanding ones Proprograms are used, the Surface Laptop 3 has to be reconnected to the power fairly quickly.

The Surface Laptop 3 is charged with the included power supply on the magnetic Surface Connector. However, connecting the Surface Connector turns out to be a rather fiddly job in everyday life. Since the magnetic surface connector is quite wide, but at the same time very flat, it is more common for the connector's contacts to stick to the housing turned downwards instead of being plugged in. However, it is positive that, thanks to the USB-A output on the power supply, you can also charge your own smartphone, for example.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 conclusion

Picture: TechnikNews


With the Surface Laptop 3, Microsoft shows that the company makes excellent notebooks procan induce. Even from the outside, the Surface Laptop 3 is completely convincing with its design. Thanks to the display in 3:2 format and the great keyboard with the touchpad, you can also work excellently with the Surface Laptop 3 in everyday life. The built-in i7 together with the 16 GB of RAM also ensures really good performance, so that even more demanding tasks are not a big deal for the Laptop 3 Proproblem. It is a pity, however, that the battery life of the Surface Laptop 3 is below average. Otherwise, however, the Surface Laptop 3 convinces in all areas, which Microsoft can also pay for.

The MSRP of the tested 3-inch Surface Laptop 15 for Business with Intel i7 Processor is 2.399 euros. However, you can get the Surface Laptop 3 models in weaker configurations for a lot cheaper. The 3-inch Surface Laptop 13,5 is available from 1.029 euros and the 15-inch version from 1.199 euros.

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Felix has been part of the TechnikNews Teams. He can be enthusiastic about almost any kind of technology. Above all, however, he is interested in new smartphones. Besides writing articles on TechnikNews he has been running a YouTube channel for several years, which of course also features the latest technology.

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Nice report, but I tend towards the Surface Book 3. Do you already have that on your radar for a test? LG Vali

David Wurm

Hello Vali, thanks for the comment! We actually already have the Surface Book 3 in view - we are still waiting for the test device, then we will have a test in the near future! LG, David from TechnikNews


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