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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 in the short-term test

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 cover image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2024 TechnikNews)

If you want to use Windows 11 these days, you don't necessarily have to use hardware manufacturers from previous years to get good performance. We tested the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 for you.

tl; dr: Microsoft has made a name for itself with its operating systems that run on many different devices that we use every day. With the Surface series, Microsoft has also created its own hardware line that is specifically designed for prosuitable for professional applications. The Surface Laptop Studio 2 is the latest generation in this series and offers many advantages Profis.

The device is intended for a specific target group that has high demands on the performance and quality of their device. This notebook is not intended for normal use, but for proprofessional applications that require a lot of computing power. This is also reflected in the price, which is over €2.000 depending on the configuration. So the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 is a Proproduct for entrepreneurs who want to use this device to advance their business. You can rely on the technical capabilities of this notebook and be sure that you will receive efficiency and performance.

What are we dealing with here?

Windows devices come in many different flavors these days, from convertibles to tablets to a traditional laptop. However, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 is characterized by a rotating display that can also be operated via touch screen. You can rotate it into different positions to use it for drawing or something similar. So if you're handy with your fingers and create your creations in tools like Photoshop or 3D modeling, you'll be thrilled with the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2.

Optics and connections

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 from Microsoft is an innovative device that is made from a block of aluminum and has a base that houses the speakers. This base allows the screen to be used in different positions, depending on whether you want to write, draw or present. The laptop has two USB-C ports that can be used both for power supply and for external peripherals such as USB sticks or microphones. These ports also support Thunderbolt 4, which enables high data transfer rates and the connection of multiple monitors. To compensate, Microsoft has still installed a USB-A port if you still want to use devices without USB-C. For users who still use classic SD cards and, for example, use recordings from their DSLR camera, the SD card slot still offers the option of using them. There is not only a regular card slot, but also one for micro SD. An AUX connection has also been installed if you continue to use headphones via cable. So the Surface Laptop Studio 2 is a versatile and powerful device that is suitable for both creative and prosuitable for professional applications.

My experiences in everyday life

In everyday life I tend to deal with IT-related things Proprojects and the Surface Laptop Studio 2 has more than enough power for it. I tested some scenarios like virtual computers and software development.

You need sufficient CPU and memory performance. Free tools such as Oracle Virtual Box or Visual Studio Code also delivered good results for the test. I could proYou can easily set up three to four virtual Windows or Linux machines with standard equipment without any loss of performance. I was able to run this in the background and write and compile software code at the same time.

The Laptop Studio 2 is a powerful one Product, that for proprofessional applications. This is also reflected in its energy consumption, which can vary greatly depending on use. For demanding applications such as graphic design, video editing or gaming, the device requires a lot of power and only lasts around three to four hours on battery power. However, for less intensive applications such as office work or streaming services, the device can achieve a battery life of up to eight hours. The device therefore offers high performance, but also has a high energy requirement.

Where there is light, there is also shadow

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 has many positive features that make it attractive Promake duct. However, there is also one aspect that I am critical of. For example, I don't think the positioning of the speakers on the lower baseboard is optimal. I wonder why Microsoft didn't include this next to the keyboard where there is enough space. That would have been for him proProfessional use means better sound and better ergonomics. I also don't find the speakers on the baseboard aesthetically pleasing. They don't match the elegant design of the notebook and look like a foreign body.

Buy Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2

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