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OPPO Enco Free2 review: The better Enco Air?

(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

OPPO made the Enco Free2 available to us shortly after the start of Germany. I tested it for you for two weeks. Whether they're better than that Enco Air? I answer these and other questions in the following TechnikNews Test.

As the name suggests, the OPPO Enco Free2 are the successors to the first Enco Free. In terms of appearance and features, however, they have little to do with them. I would rather be with them Oppo Enco X to compare. Accordingly, the case looks a lot like Enco X. The Enco Free2 is available in black or white. They are priced at 99 euros (RRP). Is it worth the price or whether you should take the Enco X for 30 to 40 euros more?

Scope of delivery & unboxing

In addition to the Enco Free2, the scope of delivery also includes a USB Type-C charging cable and two sets of interchangeable silicone tips for the earphones in different sizes.

OPPO Enco Free2 box

Picture: TechnikNews

Technical data

  • 42 dB personalized active noise cancellation
  • Personalized sound boost
  • Triple Mic Call Noise Suppression
  • Up to 30 hours of music playback time
  • OPPO Quick Pair (for OPPO smartphones with ColorOS11 or newer)

The Enco Free2 come with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard as well as SBC / AAC codec support. As you have already seen, the Enco Free2 were created together with Dynaudio. That makes them the second pair of TWS that OPPO has developed with the Danes. Can you keep up with the Enco X thanks to tuning by Dynaudio? 

Comparison OPPO Enco Air vs Enco Free2

Let's first compare with the OPPO Enco Air. I would now say in all honesty that if you prefer silicone tips for earphones, and better gesture navigation as well as far more functions and noise cancellation, then the Enco Free2 is recommended to you instead of the Enco Air. Clearly. Not only is the sound better thanks to the closed design, the noise canceling is also a lot better.

With the integrated sound test of the Enco Free2 you get an adapted hearingprofil, which even works across devices. Personally, I advise you to go with the Enco Free2 - after all, it's "only" 19 euros more. But if you are not a fan of silicone earphones and can do without a few features, then take the Enco Air.

My conclusion after 2 weeks of use

But how do the Enco Free2 perform in direct comparison with my daily driver, the Enco X? Oh well. I like this personalized hearingprofil the Free2 very much. Hopefully there will soon be an update for the Enco X. But so far only the Free2 offer this feature. Apart from that, I think the sound of the Enco Free2 is really great. The highs are not too high and the lows go nicely into the bassy range.

It's really fun to listen to music with the Free2. Well, the Enco X offers you a little more. There you get wireless charging, LDHC codec and a bit more. I would also set the sound of the Enco X a little higher than that of the Free2. But despite all that, for me the OPPO Enco Free2 are definitely the best Encos from this year's line-up.

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General note on articles in the "OPPOblog"

This article is in TechnikNews OPPOblog published - the very own blog for OPPO fans. OPPOblog reports independently and is not operated by the "OPPO" brand.

Dominic Lux

Dominik is 21 years old and very interested in new hardware for smartphones, as well as in the VR and AR area. He enjoys writing articles on these subjects. He has a fable for smartphones and gadgets, as well as electromobility. So he is currently busy writing in the new mobility department here TechnikNews.

Dominik has already written 121 articles and left 7 comments.

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