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Oppo Find X2 Neo review: a flagship killer?

(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

The Oppo Find X2 Neo, seen by many as a flagship killer, but I see it a little differently. Why? I explain that in my review!

The original MSRP of the Find X2 Neo was 699 euros. For that you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, no water resistance and I'm also a bit confused about the cameras. For just under 700 euros there are simply too many Kompromiss. In the meantime you can buy the Oppo Find X2 Neo for 400 to 500 euros and you get a lot on offer here. You can find out in this article whether I can recommend the device to you!


The Oppo Find X2 Neo is a glass-aluminum sandwich, as is known from Samsung, for example, and looks quite similar to a Galaxy S20 at first glance. Here, too, the glass has been bent to the sides. There is even a matt surface on the back with this beautiful color gradient from light blue to dark blue. This is also taken up by the frame and continued, which looks extremely good. The camera element looks pretty chic too, I like it a lot better than those black boxes that you see everywhere else. The case is extremely slim, which is underlined by the curved back. It is only 7,7 millimeters thin, which feels really good in the hand, and with a weight of 171 grams it is also not uncomfortably heavy. The buttons are well placed, only the transition between the frame and the back of the glass is a bit sharp. But once I noticed it, I quickly faded it out.


A 6,5-inch FullHD + OLED display with 90 Hertz is installed on the front, which is rounded on the sides. The rounding goes just so far that it looks beautifully elegant, but it is in no way noticeable in a disturbing way.

Oppo Find X2 Neo display

Picture: TechnikNews

The display also supports the DCI-P3 cinema color space and is bright up to 1100 nits. This means that you can still see what is being displayed even in a lot of sunshine. The display looks breathtaking, the 180Hz sampling rate makes the entire smartphone look even more fluid, with OLED black is real black and it can be extremely dark if desired, which is easy on your eyes in the dark. In addition, the long 20: 9 aspect ratio means that 18: 9 videos can be displayed without black bars. Many should also have noticed the recess in the upper left corner. The 32MP front camera can be found in it.


Now it is to be hoped that the Proprocessor can handle the 90 Hertz well. First of all, there is the all-clear here, it can, because a Snapdragon 765G with 12 GB RAM and a standard lush 256 GB UFS 2.1 memory is installed. RAM and storage are above average for the price and really great that Prozessor, however, is borderline with an RRP of 699 euros. A Galaxy S20 FE or OnePlus 8T offer the Snapdragon 865 here, which is the true premiumProprocessor is.

Oppo Find X2 Neo case

Picture: TechnikNews

The good news is that the 765G has enough power for most tasks. Even if the competition shows that things can be done better, it is still a bit of grumbling at a high level. In connection with the 12 GB RAM, apps stay open forever, I've never seen an app reload. But it wouldn't be so bad if it did happen, since apps always start very quickly.


The software used is ColorOS 7 as a skin over Android 10, the security patch is dated November 2020. ColorOS 7.2 has already been released, however, it is a shame that Oppo does not already offer an update here. Likewise, the January security update would be nice by now. Especially since you consider that the Find X2 Neo belongs to the flagship range from Oppo. Nevertheless, I find ColorOS very elegant as software. There are many practical features like the app lock, the design is beautiful and the animations are beautiful and run as smooth as butter.


A 48MP main camera with optical image stabilization, an 8MP ultra wide angle camera with autofocus and a lens for double optical zoom with 13MP are installed.

Photos look consistently good, the autofocus on the ultra-wide-angle camera also allows decent macro photos. Photos from the ultra-wide-angle camera look sufficiently sharp, but the resolution of 8MP is a bit tight. However, the quality doesn't drop that much towards the edges. Sometimes you can see discoloration, but this is the exception and only noticeable on closer inspection. At high zoom levels, the image is digitally stabilized so that the result looks less blurred. You can digitally zoom up to twenty times. In my experience, however, the images no longer look so good if you zoom in more than ten times.

This trio of cameras takes great pictures and offers an unusually high degree of flexibility for the price. I loved taking photos with it.


Videos look good with the restrictions just mentioned, you get decent dynamics, effective stabilization and decent colors. The change between the lenses could be smoother. Zooming is a bit jerky, but even I liked the video mode overall. What is missing: 4K with 60 FPS, stabilization on the front camera and the ability to record selfie videos in 4K. The missing functions are somewhat compensated by Super Steady 2.0, as Oppo calls it. The frame rate is set to 60 frames pro second increased.

Oppo Find X2 Neo camera module

Picture: TechnikNews

In contrast to Samsung's super stable mode, the dynamics remain at a high level. The stabilization is very good and a drop in quality is hardly noticeable. Apple and Samsung are still better here, but still: Here it can Prozessor to play to its strengths.

Battery life

A 4025 mAh battery is installed, which is replaced by the more economical Processor easily lasts the day. 8 hours Screen On Time are in it, I still had a good chunk of battery left in the evening. The battery is refilled with 30 watts of Vooc Charge, every 5 minutes becomes 10 to 15 Procent loaded. “Fill up with electricity” was apparently taken literally. The Oppo Find X2 Neo hardly heats up. Wireless charging is not installed, which could have been included at this price. Vooc Charge makes up for that for me though.

What else did I notice?

There is no jack plug, but decent stereo speakers. A little more bass would be cool, but watching videos and listening to music is clearly enhanced by the stereo effect. The fingerprint sensor in the display is reliable, but a little slow at times. Sometimes it takes a few seconds first. The extremely fast 2D face recognition ensures that I do not take this as a point of criticism. The device is also not officially waterproof. But that's still okay in the price range. In addition, the vibration motor is not that great, which diminishes the premium feeling a bit.


The Find X2 Neo gave me quite a headache as it was really hard for me to rate the device. I decided to rate it by its current price, otherwise it wouldn't have done well. For about 450 euros, it's a really good deal. The Find X2 Neo has my blessing. If you want to buy it, I can give you the green light. Just see that the comprodon't bother. If that's not the case, you get a great device here. Just a real flagship killer, that's not it with the best will in the world.

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