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OPPO Find X5 Lite Review: Why, OPPO?

(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

From the back, the OPPO Find X5 Lite is one of the most beautiful smartphones I have seen for the price. A beautiful pattern, a matte coating and so on. Still I have one Proproblem with this device. my test

I have enjoyed using an OPPO as my private smartphone for several months over the last year. So I was excited to see what this year's OPPO Find X5 series would offer. So let's look at the five most important points of the Find X5 Lite in this review: design and workmanship, display, performance and technical specifications, the camera and the rest of the smartphone factors.


The packaging is the same as last year, the box includes a power adapter, charging cable, a USB OTG adapter to transfer your data and a case. Headphones are missing, which is not so bad, since you either already have headphones, because there is a jack connection, or you don't need headphones. So that's okay.

Design and workmanship

From the outside, we have a very double-edged sword here. Let's start at the back because I really like the color there, as well as the pattern and the coating. I also like to observe how the colors change in certain lighting conditions - that's something. The Find X5 Lite doesn't even feel bad at all. Sure, the frame is made of plastic, that's not very high quality, but if we stay objective, that's okay for the price. Nevertheless, the buttons could be better processed, they are by no means as high quality as a device like the similarly expensive Reno 6 from OPPO.

OPPO Find X5 Lite back cover

I really like the reflections on the back. (Image: TechnikNews)


On the front, you are greeted by a display with a resolution of FHD+ at 90 Hertz. The panel does not come from Samsung, which is made up for by the built-in AMOLED technology. However, the colors are sometimes a bit strange and a rainbow veil occasionally covers the display, especially when the device is tilted. The touchscreen is still not bad, but the competition offers a little more for the price. For example that has Realm GT Neo 2 with the exact same software, a higher refresh rate, it is also brighter and more energy-efficient.

There is also room for improvement on the chin under the display. This could clearly be thinner.

OPPO Find X5 Lite display

The chin under the display could be thinner. (Image: TechnikNews)

Specs and performance

The Dimensity 5 works in the Find X900 Lite, a good middle classprocessor from Mediatek, and it also runs fast in principle. 430000 points in the Antutu benchmark are decent and eight gigabytes of RAM are sufficient for most tasks. But there is still room for improvement here, too, if you consider that Oppo Find X2 Neo Has 12 gigabytes of RAM. However, if we compare the OPPO Find X5 Lite with the only slightly more expensive one Realme GT2 Pro compare, two things stand out. First, we see that this is an OPPO Reno 7 (SE), because it wasn't actually designed as a Find X. And secondly, it is completely destroyed in terms of performance, since it only has a fifth of the graphics performance for gaming compared to a flagshipProprocessor as in the GT 2 Pro or the Find X5 Pro Has. And you can get one for as little as 100 euros more.

The internal memory holds 256 gigabytes, which is basically good. But in this price range, where sometimes every euro counts whether a device is well positioned on the market, that's just not a particularly smart decision. Would 5 gigabytes be enough for the target group of the Find X128 Lite? And even if not, you still have the option to expand the storage with a microSD up to a terabyte. On a Find X5 Pro the higher memory configuration definitely makes sense since it doesn't have a memory card slot, but here in the Find X5 Lite it's unnecessary in my opinion.


With the built-in cameras, the buyer is in my eyes with the same Proproblem faced. We have three cameras here, with the main camera being 64 megapixels. My suggestion would be instead: Instead of this Omnivision sensor, rather take the decent, optically stabilized Sony IMX 586 from the Find X2 Neo. It takes better pictures, can record videos in 4K or stabilized with artificial bokeh and switch smoothly between all cameras. The Find X5 Lite cannot do that either. And that despite the fact that the Neo has been on the market since 2019.

OPPO Find X5 Lite camera

Picture: TechnikNews

There is no telecamera at all. I have it once with the Realme GT2 Pro compared because it has the same camera as the normal GT 2 at a similar price. Nevertheless, the differences - to be seen on the test shots in the video - are drastic. The integrated ultra wide angle doesn't really appeal to me either, and the same applies to the macro camera. To be fair, it needs improvement on almost all smartphones, it's not an OPPO specific one Proproblem If you want to shoot macros, you can get better results with the main camera and XNUMXx zoom.


The software is the final proof that OPPO has put absolutely no effort into this device. I think the new ColorOS is terrible in the standard settings. So I changed the icons, then the status bar, and then the colors. Once that's done, the UI is really a very nice one, maybe even my favorite, but that Proproblem is another.

OPPO promises three Android updates for the Find X5 series. ColorOS 12 is currently installed, so it will also get ColorOS 15, one might think. However, OPPO used Android 11 as the basis here. It's not saying they will, but it does give them the opportunity to say Android 14 will be the end, because technically that would be three version updates. And you should definitely keep that in mind, because then you can also just buy a device from OPPO's last year's line-up. The update to Android 12 will at least "already" come towards the middle of the year. Shortly before the release of Android 13.

Other: vibration motor

When I unpacked the device, my first impression was actually great. The back feels good and looks great. But when I felt the vibration motor for the first time, I was just surprised that OPPO would still be using such bad motors in 2022.

OPPO Find X5 Lite: conclusion

When I look at this back side, I definitely want to recommend this smartphone. But the fact is that there are simply better alternatives on the market for the current price. Buy a Find X3 Neo, you'll have more fun with it, I'm sure. Unless the Find X5 Lite falls below 350 euros, the competition like Realme is simply too strong. And even if it gets cheaper: Better take a look at the OPPO Reno 6. It's already come down in price, and for just over 300 euros it's currently priced, it's a much better deal than the OPPO Find X5 Lite. The hardware is almost identical, but the design is more premium, the display bezels are narrower and the vibration motor is also more pleasant. Especially since it also came with Android 11 and now even has Android 12 with the latest ColorOS version. You can find the Reno 6 review here.

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