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Oppo Watch (46 mm) review: Hope for Android

(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

Today it's about the Oppo Watch (46 mm). It promises a lot for a Wear OS watch, including up to 21 days of battery life. How that is possible and how it fared in my everyday life, I will clarify today!

Not much is noticeable when unpacking. A magnetic charging cable, a quick start guide and the bracelet are included - nothing spectacular. The waterproof Wear-OS watch is made of so-called Schott glass on the front, aluminum on the sides and ceramic on the underside. Next to it is a heart rate monitor. The watch sits comfortably on the arm. Both the bracelet and the 46 mm size turned out to be optimal review. The watch is also super processed.


On the front there is a 1,8 "AMOLED display with slight roundings at the top and bottom as well as stronger curves on the sides. The panel is nice and bright, has stable viewing angles and, at 326 ppi, is sharp enough for a smartwatch. The typical AMOLED color error on sharp edges is hardly present here. The edges are pleasantly thin and this results in a modern, chic front design. Just the square shape is not for everyone, although I find the shape pleasant.


Inside is the Snapdragon 3100 Proprocessor that houses four cores (1,09 GHz) in a 28-nanometer format. Just for comparison: The new Wear 41oo chip is manufactured using the 12-nanometer process. Unfortunately, this difference has a negative impact on the battery.

Oppo Watch (46mm)

Picture: TechnikNews

The performance is still top. Short loading times and smooth animations are part of the house rules. The watch supports LTE and there is 8GB of storage, which is completely sufficient in my opinion. You can also use it to make phone calls in an emergency. In an emergency, because the audio quality is good enough for a conversation. I find the loudspeaker too bad for phone calls and the microphone too quiet for longer phone calls. But NFC for Google Pay is on board, which makes everyday life a little easier.


The watch also supports some fitness functions for the sporty ones among you and the pulse sensor on the underside is quite accurate. There are 5-minute workouts, the ability to record exercise and that annoying reminder to get up again after sitting around for a long time. Unfortunately, as far as I know, this cannot be deactivated. Workouts include “fitness run”, “run to burn fat”, “outdoor walk”, “outdoor cycling” and “swimming”. It is a bit annoying that Google Fit needs 1000 different authorizations before the first tracking.


The interface above Wear OS 2.23 looks good, somewhat in the style of ColorOS, without completely ruining the look of Wear OS. I can handle that very well, the gestures are intuitive and answering notifications via voice or a mini keyboard on the screen is super futuristic.

Oppo Watch (46mm, 2)

Picture: TechnikNews

Many apps and watch faces can be downloaded from the Play Store. Very practical: on the left side of the watch face is a Google feed, on the right side are widgets like the weather. There is no unnecessary bloatware and all important functions such as timer, stopwatch, alarm clock and music control including a Spotify app are available. The latter has to be downloaded from the Play Store first. The button at the bottom right can be configured as desired. I have the flashlight on it, which is surprisingly practical thanks to the bright display. There is the Heytap app for extended functions, which is not sufficiently pointed out, so that I only became aware of it very late. In this app you can have different dials generated according to the outfit you are wearing. And hey, there's even the ever-popular duck.


Wear OS watches are notorious for their poor battery life. And even if you always get through the day, there is no second in the Oppo Watch either. It has to be loaded every day. But only for a short time, because Vooc Charge can charge the battery of the Oppo Watch 46 mm from 0 to 100 Procharge in 40 minutes. The 21 days in fitness tracker mode are very unrealistic, because even if the additionally installed Apple 3 chip theoretically enables this battery life, the Oppo Watch is nothing more than a fitness tracker with very few functions. It seems to be so underperforming that there are no animations anywhere and it can no longer do more than a Xiaomi Mi Band 4. And you don't buy this watch for that. It pains me to downgrade this brilliant piece of technology like this, so I only recommend the power saving mode for emergencies.

Oppo Watch charging

Picture: TechnikNews


If a watch is worth 399 euros to you, I can recommend this smartwatch to you with a clear conscience. It can do everything a smartwatch should be able to do. It shows a good performance and for Wear OS conditions also a good battery life. Before you spend the almost 400 euros, you should also be clear whether you really need a smartwatch.

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