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Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad Review: The Attack on Apple

Satechi Trio wireless charging pad
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2020 TechnikNews)

What Apple has been trying to make ready for the market for several years has now been successfully mastered with the Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad. I have been testing the charging pad for a few days and share my experiences with you.

Apple has been trying to supply its devices with power wirelessly for years and to make this market-ready without a large cable economy. A charging pad for the iPhone, the Apple Watch and the AirPods has been on the agenda for some time. However, the company from Cupertino has not yet realized this. Satechi, on the other hand, mastered this stage with flying colors. I have the Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad for youprobeers.

What is the Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad?

The charging pad is nothing more than a charging pad that uses only one power supply unit and a USB-C cable to distribute its current flows to a total of three devices via QI charging. You don't need anything other than the supplied power supply unit and the charging cable. The Trio Wireless Charging Pad comes with a power supply unit that supplies 24 watt devices with power. In addition, a USB-C to USB-C cable is included, as well as a quick guide in various languages, a power plug for the USA, Great Britain, and of course Europe and the popular warranty conditions.

Satechi Trio wireless charging pad

Picture: TechnikNews

High quality workmanship and a visual feast for the eyes

Satechi pursues an elegant and attractive design language that appeals to people of different tastes. Whoever purchases the charging pad not only receives beautiful packaging, but also a device that appears to be of high quality and elegant at the same time. Due to the wireless power transmission, the manufacturer had to rely on plastic. However, this is very high quality and seamlessly processed.

Satechi Trio wireless charging pad design

Picture: TechnikNews

The arrangement is very well thought out and logical, albeit technically necessary. On the left of the pad there is a rocker that can be set up and that has already incorporated a Qi charging slot, as required by Apple's original charging pad. In the center of the charging pad is a small one - for the Apple AirPods (AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro) formally customized – notch to charge the case. On the right you can see a slightly larger rubber ring that you place your iPhone on to power the device. The ring only acts as a protection for the iPhone, so that it does not lose its position and you avoid possible non-charging.

Connection and placement ideally solved

Satechi has solved the issue of too many cables ideally. The charging cable is inconspicuously plugged into the top of the housing. So it hardly disturbs on the table or other placement options. The small LEDs, which were placed in the middle but below the charging stations and inconspicuously demonstrate the charging of the devices during the day, are just as sensible.

Satechi Trio wireless charging pad

Picture: TechnikNews

Fast power and compact for on the go

Instead of packing all the chargers and cables for the weekend, all you have to do is put the charging pad in your hand luggage. The three possible devices are charged with a full 23 watts via the included power supply. Apple's iOS 13 meanwhile only allows 7,5 watts of contactless charging. Nevertheless, it is already in the area of ​​the definition of "Fast Charging".

The MFI (Made for iPhone) seal can already be found on the packaging, which means that Apple has certified the charging technology as safe and thus Apple and Satechi guarantee safe charging technology. Thus, the user does not have to worry about buying a cheapProhaving bought a product and being unprotected.

My personal experiences

The anticipation of using the charging mat every day was great - and rightly so. Especially now, in times of the Corona crisis, I often commuted (by car) to my girlfriend and back and did not want to bring my cable bureaucracy to light every day, because it is also very cumbersome to pack. The charger is, as already described above, simply placed in the pocket, the charging pad on site on the desk and the power supply plugged into the socket. And in no time all of my three devices were fully and safely charged again.

... but with one shortcoming

At night, the small LEDs on the surface bothered me with the bright exposure while they were charging my device. I always got a slight level of light on the ceiling, which unfortunately cannot be avoided, but is no longer perceived after a while. However, other manufacturers cannot do otherwise either.

Satechi Trio wireless charging pad

The LEDs can be perceived as annoying at night. (Image: TechnikNews)

Can I recommend the Trio charging pad?

Anyone who is not too fixated on the cost of around 100 euros and is looking for a high-quality one Product is who gets from Satechi an all-rounder in my eyes who looks very good at the same time and does its job justice. Good looks, top workmanship and fast, simultaneous charging of three devices - I can give a thumbs up and give a clear purchase recommendation.

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