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Soundboks Go review: Loud and clear

Soundboks Go review 1
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

With the Soundboks Go, the Danes are launching their first "portable" Bluetooth speaker, which promises "concert quality" in a compact format. TechnikNews tested him.


The scope of delivery of the Soundboks Go includes not only the loudspeaker itself, but also the battery and the associated power supply unit. If desired, a carrying strap can be ordered for €50 when ordering. You can find a detailed unboxing here.

Design and workmanship

The Soundboks Go has a relatively simple design and sticks to the design of the new Soundboks (Generation 3). At 9,2 kg, the box is a whole 5 kg lighter than its big brother, but it is still not as light as other portable loudspeakers. The dimensions are also not small at 45,9 × 31,6 × 26,6 cm, but the sound box was well suited for carrying. For many users, however, the carrying strap should be a good investment. On the front, in front of the two speakers, is the typical “Grill” with Soundboks lettering, but unlike the larger model, there are no colors other than “black”. For carrying (even without a belt) there is a rubber handle on the upper side, which is well made and did not show any cracks or the like during the test period.
The rest of the box is also made of high-quality polycarbonate, and there is a polyester strap on the housing with which the box can also be gripped. Due to the materials, the box is also IP65 dust and water certified, which I can confirm with my last two weeks of testing. I used the box every day, especially outdoors. It didn't matter whether it was snow, heavy rain or mud - in the end it all came off and there was none Proproblems during playback.


The Soundboks Go has an app that can be used to control it. In this, functions such as the Bluetooth connection, the sound and general settings can be made. Multiple equalizerProfiles are directly available for selection, which are described and marked directly with a battery life. At full volume, the "Bass+" should Profil hold for about 6 hours indoors Profor a whole 14 hours. The volume can also be controlled remotely in the app and the box can be switched off.
Different sound boxes can also be connected to one another. I was able to do that too with a friendprobeer, the connection is actually very easy. Soundboks 1 is set to "Host" mode, Soundboks 2 to Join mode. This completed the connection, and at 10-15 meters there was no delay in the audio playback. But there is definitely one for longer distances, Soundboks has also created a mode for this. With the setting "SKAA Pro“ instead of 5 sound boxes, only a maximum of 2 more can be connected, but the latency is very low (and the radius is reduced by 30%).

Soundbox Go app

The Soundboks Go app has many setting options (image: TechnikNews)

Unfortunately, the direct mode will not be available until the end of April, which is why it will not be included review report.


The Soundboks Go is mainly found via Bluetooth. For this purpose, the pairing mode is started directly when switching on, whereby the Soundboks are displayed in the Bluetooth settings. This can be done in the app Proprocess, including a security code and automatic connection to the last device. Otherwise, music can also be transmitted via a 3.5 mm jack connection, there is no XLR connection like the "New Soundboks".

Soundboks Go review 4

There is also a 3.5 mm jack connection on the side. (Picture: TechnikNews


The most important thing about a speaker, however, is the sound. After all, what good are all the possible features if the sound isn't good in the end? The Danes have installed two loudspeakers in the Soundboks Go. A 10 inch woofer and a 1 inch tweeter, both of which work with a maximum of 72 watts. This should (with Bass+ Profil) a maximum volume of 121 dB can be achieved.
In practice, the box could definitely provide a party with about 100 people with music, even without it Probleed for a few hours. There is definitely still a difference compared to the large Soundboks, but definitely on the same level in comparison to the size. In the standardProfil the sound is quite balanced, indoors Profil a focus is placed on the highs, the bass is cut. The Bass+ mode increases the bass significantly, which means that a little detail is lost in the treble range.


The battery is rated at almost 100 Wh and should last up to 40 hours depending on the configuration. Since I used the Soundboxes mostly at the highest volume, I can mainly report under these settings. In Bass+ mode, the Soundboks Go was mostly empty after around 5 hours and 25 minutes, in "Power" mode after around 9 hours. The charging itself takes about 3 hours, after which the Soundboks can be used again without a cable. The battery can also be used while charging, but this slows down charging Process.


The Soundboks Go is a very good performance speaker for parties, an afternoon in the city park or a mini concert. Although it is a lot more portable than the Soundboks Gen 3, it is not a "small box that you can take with you". This is also reflected in the price. At 699 euros, the Soundboks Go is not a small investment on the side, but definitely a Bluetooth speaker in the more expensive segment. The offered package is almost unique, the Teufel Rockstar Air weighs a lot more and does not have the same performance - but more connections. But for the money you get a lot of sound in a compact format for this sound. But who really? proIf you want to equip your concert professionally, you should rather use large sound boxes with XLR connections.

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