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Soundcore Sport X10 review: The best headphones for less than 100 euros?

Soundcore Sports X10
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

The Soundcore Sport X10 are headphones with extremely high wearing comfort and very good sound. I got the Soundcore Sport X10 about two weeks ago and have been testing it extensively since then. 

The Soundcore Sport X10 comes in a simple packaging that is very high quality. It shows the most important information about the headphones. In addition to the headphones themselves, the scope of delivery also includes a USB-C charging cable, a user manual and four other rubber attachment sizes, which I find very good.

Soundcore Sport X10 scope of delivery

Source: TechnikNews

Design and workmanship

The headphones are made of matte plastic and have two red metal elements. They have a bracket that is supposed to provide a better hold in the ear. A button for music control is installed on the top of both headphones, which has a good pressure point. The Soundcore Sport X10 feel very high quality and are very well made. The case is also made of matte plastic and holds the headphones securely in place. It has three LEDs that show the battery level and a USB-C port for charging, which is very positive. The case is quite compact, is also very well made and feels valuable.


The wearing comfort of the headphones is excellentprochen well. They feel good in the ear and the support is great thanks to the bracket. Even after prolonged use, the headphones do not interfere with the ear. I would recommend any buyer to turn off all rubber attachmentsprobeer to improve the wearing comfort if necessary.

connection and battery life

The headphones connect to the user's device with Bluetooth 5.2. The battery life of the headphones is very good. The manufacturer states eight hours of battery life, which I can confirm if the ANC is switched off. However, if the ANC is active, the battery life is noticeably reduced. The headphones can be fully charged about three times in the charging case.

Sound quality, ANC and transparency mode

I personally really liked the sound of the headphones. The headphones have a decent bass and a balanced sound. Nevertheless, sound quality is very subjective, since everyone perceives the sound differently. I was a bit disappointed with the active noise cancellation (ANC). I tested the ANC in different environments and noticed that voices, loud noises and wind noise are not filtered out well. The transparency mode is relatively good. Other people's voices were very audible during a conversation. The voice quality when making calls is on a very good level.

Soundcore app

The Soundcore app is very clearly structured and offers many functions. Many ready-made or a user-defined equalizer can be set via the app. The default Soundcore Signature Equalizer is pretty good, but I personally liked the R&B Equalizer a bit better. You can also set what happens when you press the music control buttons on the headphones. I would have liked to be able to set triple presses in addition to single press and double press. Another function of the Soundcore app are the breathing exercises. These have always worked well and I quite liked them. Updates for the headphones can also be installed via the app.

Price and availability

The RRP of the Soundcore Sport X10 is 99 euros, but the headphones were also available for 79 euros. They are available at the manufacturer itself, at Amazon, but also in shops such as MediaMarkt.


The workmanship and the design of the headphones convinced me. I also liked the comfort. The sound is at a very high level and the bass is also great. The battery life is also good. The Soundcore app has been implemented very well and appealed to meprochen. Unfortunately, the ANC could not really convince me, which I think is a shame. For a price of less than 100 euros, I can still definitely recommend the Soundcore Sport X10.

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Jonas Wilhelm

Jonas lives near Ingolstadt and is new to Techniknews. In his free time, he always finds out about the latest technology when he's not watching TV or listening to music.

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