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Teufel One M review: the powerful loudspeaker for your own four walls

Image: © 2018 TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 © 2018 TechnikNews)

Loudspeakers for at home are a dime a dozen. But not all of them could convince me in the past. Most of the time it failed because of the sound - especially at a higher volume. Even the bass from single speakers often left a lot to be desired. Is that also the case with the Teufel One M? I took a closer look at it.

When looking for the right speaker and headphones, one often comes across Proproducts from Teufel. The company from Germany specializes in Proproducts for home cinemas and your own four walls. For 9 years now, the One series has been based on WiFi speakers that can be controlled with the Teufel Raumfeld app. I tested the medium-sized Teufel One M.

Packaging and design

The Teufel One M is delivered in a large cardboard box. In this the loudspeaker is in a thin fleece and is held in two styrofoam parts on the left and right. In addition to the loudspeaker itself, you will also find a charger, a letter with brief instructions and Spotify information in the pack. Since the Teufel One M supports “Spotify Connect”, this note is also included.

The Teufel One M is well protected during transport. (Image: © 2018 TechnikNews)

Otherwise, the design of the speaker is very positive. Everything is very well made and sits in its place. There are no sharp edges or other bumps. The packaging also protects against scratches or damage during transport.

App and setup

After the most important point, let's take a closer look at the app. This was perfect at the beginning of my test - no disconnections with the loudspeaker, which was always connected via LAN cable. In addition to practical functions such as a switch-off timer, the app unfortunately does not have an alarm clock. After our inquiry to Teufel, we were informed that there is currently no schedule for this function.

During the test, however, an update came in the meantime, which made the connection between the app and the speaker almost unbearable. You had to restart the app again and again to get a connection to the speaker. After a short renewed request, one assured at the Proproblem to work and three days later immediately rolled out an update for the speaker. Although there was no notification, this could be installed immediately in the app settings under "Updates" and significantly improved the quality. Thumbs up to the quick developers for this bug fix.

The app works even better on Android than on iOS. The volume can be controlled or playback stopped directly in the status bar - very practical. However, it can often happen that the status bar widget freezes and you have to restart the app. Well, it's a bit annoying, but it can certainly be fixed in the future. In my opinion, it was the P20 Pro, which ends app activity in the background.

devil spacefield
devil spacefield
Price: Free of charge
Teufel Raumfeld
Teufel Raumfeld
Price: Free of charge

Features and functions

A modern wireless speaker must of course be able to stream Internet radio. But that's not all: In addition to TuneIn, the Teufel One M also offers Spotify Connect, Deezer, SoundCloud, Bluetooth, an aux connection and playback of songs on your own smartphone directly via the app on the speaker. In addition to the forward and back buttons, there is also a volume wheel with an on / off button and favorite buttons on the front for operation. Here you can save your radio station on a number and control it directly.

The labels on the buttons are not always easy to read. (Image: © 2018 TechnikNews)

There are also a few buttons and connections on the back. In addition to the Bluetooth button, which must be pressed for three seconds to pair with new devices, there is also a setup button. This must be pressed briefly during the setup with the app - otherwise it has no function. Then there is a USB port, which can be used for charging or playing music (e.g. on a USB stick).

A few connections such as Aux and LAN complete the package. (Image: © 2018 TechnikNews)

Apart from the hardware control, there is also an app called "Teufel Raumfeld" for controlling the loudspeaker. This is also where the first set-up is carried out. In addition, speaker settings can also be made or the stations selected in the app. TuneIn is integrated into the app.

Hearing test & sound

Probably the most important thing in this test: the sound. If you start the setup you can play the first demo songs on the loudspeaker. The first impression here was very surprising - really great for this small speaker! After a long period of use, it can now be said that the astonishingly deep, contoured bass really impressed me.

The speaker also hits the highs and mid-tones perfectly. Providing sound for larger living rooms or parties is not at all for the Teufel One M Proproblem In addition, there is none at all even at higher volumes Problem, no clipping or imperfections. For the Profis, some parameters can also be adjusted in the app. So you can adjust the highs, mids and lows to your liking. In my case, I had the lows a notch above the default setting for a little more punchy bass.

To the hard facts: Under the black hood there is a 3-way stereo system with a total of 7 drivers and 2 passive membranes. Then there is, according to Teufel, a special “Dynamore technology” for a particularly wide stereo panorama.

Conclusion: The devil is currently unbeatable

Hoping that we haven't forgotten any important aspects here, we won't make the review unnecessarily long and go straight to the conclusion. The Teufel One M is a good alternative to an expensive HIFI system for your home. Although this seems quite expensive with its RRP of 499,99 euros, it offers a convincing overall package. For example, the sound is right here, it is practically to be carried along and so far unbeatable by the competition in this price range. Of course, you don't get the best surround experience with an all-in-one speaker, but it's absolutely fine for listening to music in the living room or at parties.

It is a pity that Teufel has not yet planned an integration with Amazon Alexa. There are currently no usable skills available. Although the speaker can be retrofitted with an Echo Dot via Aux or Bluetooth smart, it can then only play Spotify and TuneIn. Operation via the Teufel app would then also be superfluous.

Although there were a few interruptions in the connection with the app, Teufel always responded quickly to our inquiries and even published an update with a bug fix. So if you are looking for a practical speaker for little money, the Teufel One M is in good hands. The overall package of features such as Internet radio, Spotify & Co. and the sound experience simply convinced me for this price.

The Teufel One M is currently available at a discount of 30 euros on the Teufel website. Thanks to Teufel for providing the Teufel One M!

Buy Teufel One M.

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Unfortunately it's too expensive for me, but otherwise cool thing!

Lars Matt

But otherwise there are no cheaper alternatives in this quality 😛 #no advertising