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The Audible app on a tour: functions, advantages and prices

Audible App iPhone
Image: Audible
(Post picture: © 2019 Audible)

Almost every current book, plus exclusive ones Productions and a user-friendly design: That's all Audible. The Audible app enables users to enjoy audio books, radio plays, language courses and podcasts on numerous devices. We took a closer look at the app in this article.

Although Audible is owned by Amazon, you don't have to be an Amazon customer to take advantage of the offer. Depending on the choice of subscription, the audio books are about 30% cheaper than the general price level. Audible has meanwhile also technically developed so far that the connection with Sonos devices or other external playback devices proworks seamlessly and easily.

In addition, not only can the latest new releases be downloaded at the same time as the print edition, there are also well-known bestselling authors who have written some stories exclusively for Audible proinduce. In addition, Audible offers unabridged original versions - which the competition often does not do.

How Audible works and benefits

Translated into German, Audible means: audible. The word "audible" describes the app perfectly. Audiobooks can be heard both online in the cloud and as downloads. Scrolling through the menu is self-explanatory. The availability of titles once purchased continues even if the customer cancels their subscription. If you want to give away a title, you can also do this to non-customers - all you have to do is load the app and the title is available.

listenproBen make it easier to find a title - there is a search function for speakers.

How can Audible be used?

The classic way of activating the app is via your mobile phone or tablet and you can then get started right away. The function of the sound output via smart home systems in the DRM file format is flawless, at least with Sonos and some automobile manufacturers, other systems do not yet have a perfect interface. Sleep function, bookmarks, chapter lists, jumping back and forth in the book - all of this is technically sophisticated. There is even a 30-second button for connecting to the car, with which you can jump back if the connection was briefly interrupted due to a coupling.

The payment options are in the normal online framework. Anyone who takes out a subscription can cancel it at any time or take a payment break of up to three months. Once acquired, credit never expires. All functions and titles are still available during the payment break. If you can't keep the files forever, you have the option of borrowing titles - however, this offer is only possible for up to 12 titles at the same time.

A subscription allows listening on up to three devices at the same time. So you can listen to music while working on your PC, read recipes on your mobile phone in the kitchen and read an audio book on the tablet in the children's room. The playback widgets can also be used when the screen is locked, which is particularly attractive for joggers and cyclists.

The Audible app: Hear what you like

More than 200.000 titles were in the Audible library in 2018 - and new ones are added every day. Of course, a corporation like Amazon finds it easy to find the necessary funds for a good strategy and Product placement - in the case of Audible, however, the success is clearly justified.

An Audible subscription currently costs just under ten euros a month. Before signing up for the subscription, you can test it for free for one month.

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