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The new Soundboks review: the music monster?

Soundboks cover picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2020 TechnikNews)

The new Soundboks or "The New Soundboks" is interesting because Bluetooth boxes have developed a lot in recent years. While a few years ago many people swore by their 3,5 mm jack, since Bluetooth is not yet good enough, nowadays almost everything runs via Bluetooth. Our test.

My colleague David knows that Bluetooth speakers can deliver very good sound in the range of 200 euros figured out with the devil rockster go. The "New soundboks“But wants more, much more. On paper, the box sounds like a festival box: up to 126 dB, Bluetooth 5.0, and many extras. This is how the Soundboks want to convince. We tested them.


When unboxing, you can tell straight away: Soundboks mean business. In addition to the box, there are also one or two batteries (depending on the order), the charger, a booklet with the history, the functions of the box and three stickers with the logo (white, black and in a “Pride Edition”). You can tell that the company really put a lot of effort into the packaging. But I also expect that in the price range.


The design of the soundboks is kept very simple. The grille can be removed, the 4,5 mm Allen key is included. The “Soundboks” logo is engraved on the top right-hand side of the box. The corners also look very solid. These are made of silicone rubber and give the box a firm hold. The Soundboks also has a hole in the housing of the arm grips: the bass reflex tube. This is supposed to produce a better bass with more air and also stabilizes the box.


The Soundboks can be used either via Bluetooth or via cable. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 is used as the Bluetooth standard. The box has a very well made volume control on the right side, which controls the eleven volume levels. Next to this are the on / off button and a button for connecting several soundboks. There is also an app to support the box, in which you can set equalizers, make software updates and make other settings on the box.

I really liked the functions that are under the hood. But I am still missing a few functions: When I used the box at home, I missed the “smart functions”. A Spotify integration, a radio, etc. would have been very nice. But I didn't expect that with a “Bluetooth box” either. According to Soundboks, the latency is around 40 milliseconds. This is especially important for musicians such as DJs.


The Soundboks has two types of connections. A 3,5 mm AUX input and output, including an XLR input and an XLR output. Microphones, DJ controllers, etc. can be connected to the XLR connections. Music can also be played via cable at the 3,5 mm AUX connections.

Soundbox connections

These are the connections of the Soundboks. Bluetooth 5 is also available. (Image: TechnikNews)


On the other hand, the Soundboks are convincing in terms of sound, but really. When I mean LOUD here, I also mean LOUD. With up to 126 dB, the Soundboks is really a monster! But what good is a high volume if the sound is wrong? You don't have to worry about that here - well, at least most of the time.

The sound is awesome. The sound is still balanced at low volume, but the bass is prioritized at higher volume. At full volume, it no longer looks so clean, because it then sounds "tinny". This was better at medium volume. Still good enough to throw a party at home, of course, but for Proprofessionally this is disadvantageous. If you want, you can select the "Bass Boost" equalizer in the app. This makes the bass even better.

I also used the box as an amplifier for my electric drum kit, which also worked great. For other users from the guitar-bass area, there should be a background noise.


According to the manufacturer, the battery of the Soundboks should last five hours at full volume and 40 hours at medium volume, I can confirm that. I got the battery empty once in four weeks, but it can be recharged in 3 hours and 25 minutes. In the next version, Soundboks should install a few USB ports so that the Soundboks can also be used as a power bank.


The Soundboks is a very good bluetooth box. As a home device or outdoor device for parties, you will be very satisfied with it. It is loud, has many connections (Bluetooth, 2x XLR, 2x jack) and can be controlled via the app. The box can not only be used for music, but also as an amplifier for instruments.

I don't have any USB ports for using it as a power bank, at full volume the bass in the lower frequencies is cut off. So it is not intended as a festival PA, but for normal consumers, street musicians or even beginner DJs. Here the "The New Soundboks (3)" is very convincing.

On a scale from 1 to 10, the sound box gets an 8,5.

Price and availability

The new Soundboks is available with one or two "Batteryboksen" (rechargeable batteries) at a price of 899 euros.

Thank you for providing the "New Soundboks".

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Hello, is there an adapter (not the one supplied) that can generate more power so that you can use the Boks without a battery, just with an adapter? With the supplied adapter you can use a maximum of 50 - 60% Procenter of the volume, then turn off the Boks.